The Mid-Year Refresh: Step Two

The Mid-Year Refresh: Step Two

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You've refreshed your mind—doesn't that feel good? Even a few minutes of stepping away to gain perspective can make a huge difference in our clarity and decision-making. Incorporating regular, actionable ways to refresh our minds is so important (the perfect weekly goal to add to a Tending List!).

Let's move on to step two of the Mid-Year Refresh! Our friend and PowerSheets® user Lashawn is kicking things off.

STEP TWO: Refresh your big-picture vision

After the year (and a half!) of twists and turns we've all had, it can feel impossible to plan for the next six months, can't it? That's where focusing on the big picture comes in. It's your way to break free from the hesitation, the fear, the unknown, and the overwhelm!

When we focus on the big picture (instead of on rigid plans), we can live out what matters with flexibility and intentionality. For example, if healthy finances, a healthy body, leaning into racial reconciliation, or growing your faith is what matters to you in the big picture, there are a million ways you can cultivate it—no matter your circumstances. You can take action in different ways each season and still make progress! All progress is imperfect progress, and it all adds up.

Doesn't that make you take a big, deep breath of relief?! Your progress doesn't have to be perfect, and neither do you!

Today, let's take a minute to renew our big-picture vision. You've gained new perspective about what matters and what doesn't in the big picture. Now, imagine yourself years from now. Looking back on the whole of your life, where will you be grateful you spent your time and attention? (Flip back through your PowerSheets Prep Work, if you'd like!)

Pull out your Mid-Year Refresh Wildcard page (download it above if you haven't already!) 
Then, write your answer on your worksheet. This will be your guide post for the rest of this year!

What big-picture perspective did you write on your worksheet? Tell us below—we would LOVE to hear from you! 

P.S. Ready for more? Next week, refresh your life with what matters most. Join us online for a half day of expert goal coaching, community, encouragement, and so big leaps forward!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

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