Meghan’s PowerSheets – Spring Goal Recap

Meghan’s PowerSheets – Spring Goal Recap

Our goal for this community is to create a safe place for PowerSheets users to share their intentional goal-setting journeys. We’re honored to have our Blog Contributor, Meghan Coleman, share about her Spring PowerSheets progress. Thank you, Meghan, for taking the time to share your story with us! If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Meghan’s introduction here. – Laura

This spring has been a challenging season for me for no other reason than for the fact that I piled way too much on my plate (I’m still working on boundaries and being able to say no) and of course, it all hit at the same time. Most of this was grad school related; three classes spring semester + being a full-time mama + budding entrepreneur was nothing short of hectic.

I look back on April and May in my PowerSheets workbook and can clearly see how hectic of a time it truly was for me. Not every page is filled out. Not even close. And the ones that are? They’re filled with the words “stressed,” “frazzled,” and “tired.” My goals were simple: finish my spring semester strong by completing all of my assignments on-time, enjoy time with my kids, and show gratitude toward my husband.

I so badly wanted to be working toward other goals, namely my work with hand lettering, encouraging, and creating letters with heart. They’re the goals that include some of my biggest dreams and are ones that are about the work that fuels my soul. And yet during this spring season, I was faced with the reality that I simply did not have the bandwidth. Try as I might, I couldn’t do it all at one time. Looking back on it now, it was honestly a great lesson for me to be faced with: that it’s okay to prioritize, that patience is important and that it takes time to grow big dreams.

I worked hard at doing the Spring Goal Refresh, simply to track my progress from the first quarter of the year and to also give myself permission (with a HUGE side of grace) to let grad school be my focus through May. Though this is my third year using PowerSheets, it’s my first year of giving myself grace and permission not to fill out every single line or page, to allow my goals for each month to be as simple as I may need them to be considering everything else on my plate, to just allow myself to be an imperfect wife, mama, friend, sister, woman, human, and to know, in my true heart of hearts, that that is enough.

One of my favorite part of using my workbook this year has been the prep I’ve done for each month, to recap how I felt the month before and to look ahead at where I’m going in the month to come. For me, this has been such a freeing process and has felt like a huge breath of fresh air. I give myself permission to be messy and real and honest. I have found that the more honest I am with myself about how I’ve felt and what’s on my heart, the clearer I become in setting goals for the month ahead that are realistic, attainable, and purpose-driven.

With a challenging spring season behind me, here’s a quick look of what I’m looking forward to in June:

  • Enjoying lots of family time with my cousins visiting from Australia
  • Celebrating my 30th birthday!
  • Making Jules + Henry happen (getting clear on my mission and vision, digitizing my letters, sending to print and prepping for my re-launch on August 1st !)
  • Send handwritten happy mail to friends and family
  • Monthly date night out with John
  • Intentional time with my kids each day
  • Daily Write the Word journal quiet time
  • Finish reading Boundaries and Wild and Free

PowerSheets tip: Write yourself notes for each month/season! I do this each quarter and make sure I note exciting celebrations (like turning 30 in June and celebrating seven years of marriage with my husband, John, in September). For other months, I simply write words of encouragement. I don’t always remember what I write, so it’s been fun to read them when they pop up in my workbook. It’s a quirky, yet meaningful way to instill some positive self-talk and love into your months!

Cheers to a fun, love-filled, exciting month ahead, friends!

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