How Writing the Word Changes Things

How Writing the Word Changes Things

More than ever, this summer you're craving refreshment. You want to grow your faith even in what has been (at times) an overwhelming and painful season. You want to go straight to the good stuff. We're right there with you!

One of the best ways we know to change our minds and hearts—to refresh them even in the midst of a season like this one—is to dig into God's word using a Write the Word journal. Here are a few ways they do this:

  • Writing things in our own handwriting helps us better absorb information, multiple studies have shown. Writing out the words of the Bible helps them sink into our hearts! 
  • Writing things in our own handwriting helps us memorize and recall information. The more scripture we memorize, the more readily it will spring to mind as we move about our days, interact with people, and make decisions.
  • The fewer barriers between us and a goal, the more likely we are to achieve it. We can have the best intentions, but if something is confusing or difficult, we're less likely to do it. Writing the Word is a simple, quick, and meaningful way to grow your faith - one you'll actually do every day!

Whether you're brand new to faith or in need of reinvigoration, writing the Word was made for you—in every season of life. Thousands of women across the world have made writing the Word their favorite part of the day, and you can, too.

A few words about Write the Word journals from their creator, Lara:

"These journals allow me to slow down (it doesn’t take a vacation or a whole hour away–just a few minutes adds up!) and get unstuck. Every word of the Bible is powerful. Even writing one verse, something shifts in me. It’s like planting a seed. I think about the big picture instead of the day-to-day to-dos. I am reminded that I am not in control; He is."

These special journals help you incorporate time in the Bible in a simple way as often as you'd like. 
Each spread features a selection of scripture to write out (the "write the Word" part!), along with space to record your thoughts, prayers, or whatever else you'd like. Each journal volume is themed to an area in which to grow (things like Prayer, Joy, and Hope). They feature gold foil and colorful covers and are a beloved gift in our community, too!

Ready to give them a try? We have two new volumes and a few simple accessories coming to the shop next week—let's get you acquainted!

Our first new volume is Write the Word | Cultivate Confidence. This volume will remind you of who God says you are and what He has in store for your life. In a world that tries to tear us down and shout at you about who you are and what you're worth, this volume will help you grow your confidence from a place of unshakable trust. 

Our second new journal was much-requested by the Cultivate communitythe first ever blank volume of Write the Word! Perfect for journaling a book of the Bible, working through a study or sermon series, or collecting favorite verses from your daily reading, this teal beauty is already a favorite on Team Cultivate, and we know you'll love it, too.

Both of these journals are special-editionwhen they're gone, they're gone! All of our special-edition Write the Word journals from last year sold out in a few months.

The favorite and best-selling All Seasons Collection Write the Word journals will also be re-launching along with some fun Write the Word accessories that will bring a little joy and organization to your journaling time.

Wondering how to choose the right Write the Word volume? With our ever-growing collection of Write the Word journals, we've found ourselves answering the question "which journal is right for me?" more and more often. Helping you find the right journal is one of our team's favorite things to do! Read how you can find the right Write the Word journal for you or a friend that will be a perfect fit for your unique life situation. The good news? You can't go wrong with whichever volume you choose! 

New to Write the Word and still curious? Hear what other journal users have to say: 

The BEST investment! Write the Word Journals have been such a blessing in my daily life. I cannot imagine my day without them! - Rachel

My favorite new habit!
 I've always fought journaling. I thought it was time-consuming and mind-consuming. My devotion time was short and sweet and basically, shallow. When I discovered these, I made a pact with myself to do it and have never looked back. - Barbara

I love that these journals provide a simple path to get into scripture. As a mom of three little ones who struggles to have big chunks of time or have a consistent quiet time, I appreciate the simplicity of meditating on scripture as I write the words in my own handwriting. I love these journals! - Hannah

The perfect start to my morning! I'm a self-proclaimed devotional hoarder. I buy the latest ones. I stockpile them. I have grand visions of FILLED books of morning quiet time. Yet, I always let life get in the way. Somehow they become too long, too specific for the moment, or just feel too involved for a busy morning. That was until I took the plunge and ordered the entire set of Write the Word journals. Honestly, I expected them to sit unused. The moment I opened the first one though, I knew it would be different. It's the perfect start to my morning now. It's never too long. It dives me straight into scripture which is so important. Suddenly my mornings involve scripture, reflection, and prayer...without any difficulty! - Kay

You've loved our best selling Write the Word journals for the last five years and we cannot wait to share the newest Write the Word additions with you next week—especially after they've been so long in the making

You can keep feeling like something is missing or you can find it—no perfection required. This new Write the Word Collection was made for you—in every season—to refresh your faith with something steady in an ever-changing world. 

View the Collection Guide and everything that will be available on launch day, June 24th. Sign up to be notified and to learn more!

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