Here's what happened in 90 days using PowerSheets®

Here's what happened in 90 days using PowerSheets®

You want fast results on your goals—who wouldn't?!

But, you've probably realized by now that overnight results are a myth. 

Growing good things takes time, energy, and action—that's why we love the reminder that it's okay to grow slow.

But, it ALSO doesn't always take 10 years to see results. And our PowerSheets community is here to prove that!

Last week, we asked our Instagram friends what they had accomplished in the first 90 days of 2019 with their PowerSheets®. Their results are nothing short of amazing!

We've always known that PowerSheets® are a game-changer for anyone, in any season of life—but don't just take our word for it. Take theirs. 😉

Here's what happened when women used their PowerSheets® for 90 days:

“I’ve done more in the past 3 months than I have in all of 2018… I’ve lost weight, paid down debt, saved for a vacation, and grew my business all while being a present mom and wife.” —@rhythmdivine

“PowerSheets helped me organize selling our house…I feel like my husband and I prepared our house to a higher standard because I had clearly defined goals and could see the progress we made.” —@cherrybombplanner

“We have made weekly date nights a priority and have not missed one yet!!” —@sweeteakt

“After three months of hard work and many resumes, I accepted a full-time position in a job that’s a great fit for me and will have long term benefits on my career.” —@superdupersaracooper

“I created a Spa Day in a box for my sister’s birthday. I got it ready, mailed it, and she got it BEFORE her birthday. Just the fact that I mailed her something for her birthday is HUGE!!” —@emily.m.wood

“…I have been developing deep, meaningful friendships with two other moms in my Bible study group! Little steps like reaching out and inviting those friends to play dates, accepting help when others have offered, sending birthday cards and encouraging texts, and faithfully attending my Bible study group have made all the difference.” —@kaseydwerner

“I lost 12 pounds, got a great new job at a higher salary, and found the motivation and drive to start my own business!” —@ictine

“I crushed one of my MAJOR goals in the first 90 days of the year and that was to apply for and get accepted into an amazing grad program! PowerSheets helped me so much by organizing my to-do's, track my progress and think about my WHY for the goal!” —@bethannearthur

“In spite of people in my house being sick since the start of January, I’ve decluttered 3 rooms in my house, re-painted the master bedroom, started exercising regularly, and getting up before the baby and toddler most days! I also started taking my health under my control in many ways (I have multiple autoimmune disorders, which just makes life hard).” —@kdagaines

“I got a late start with PowerSheets but made SO much progress just in my first month (March). I spent time in the Word every day. I memorized 5 passages of scripture. I completed a 21-day sugar detox to get my cravings under control. I started my new Instagram. I joined a career development course to kickstart my business. I planted in my garden. Wrote and sent gratitude cards. I planned a vacation and spent quality time with my hubby. I joined a gym and actually went. ALL of these were really big milestones for me and I’m so proud of myself!” —@journeytojowellness

We'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, and share something you've accomplished, or hope to accomplish with your PowerSheets®! 

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