Goal Planning vs. Daily Planning

Goal Planning vs. Daily Planning

Whether you’re new to Cultivate What Matters or if you’ve been with us for years, at some point you may have asked yourself, “What’s the real difference between goal planning and daily planning?” That’s a popular question, so you’re not alone! :) 

Let’s dig right in: goal planning means uncovering what matters in the big picture and setting goals to get you there. What do you want your life to look like when you’re 80? What do you want to have accomplished? What things will have mattered most? (If you just felt that “oof!” feeling in your heart, don’t worry. Happens to us all the time!).

Once you’re clear on your big picture, it’s time to goal plan. That means breaking down your goals into small, simple action steps you can plan and track over time, little by little. The goal-planning process is the same whether your goals are practical and straightforward (wellness, financial, career!) or really big-picture and legacy-focused.

But, how can you make your goals happen in the midst of a full life? 

Enter: daily planning. Daily planning means scheduling all the moving parts of your day intentionally. Whether your to-do list is filled with appointments, meetings, drop-offs, workouts, goal action steps, or all of the above, daily planning helps you move through each day with less stress and more productivity. Intentionally planning your goal action steps around the other priorities in your life is the sustainable, life-giving way to make progress on your goals.

But, here’s the thing: goal planning without short-term action steps can feel overwhelming, while daily planning without a long-term vision can seem pointless. These two go hand in hand.

And that’s where we come in! For over ten years, Cultivate What Matters has helped women do both. We help Cultivators plan their daily must-dos, yes, but also make time for the things that matter most to them in the big picture.

Ready to dig in? You’ll love these tools!

Tools for Goal Planning:
2023 One-Year PowerSheets®

Undated 90-Day PowerSheets (start any time!)

Tools for Daily (or Weekly!) Planning:
Season by Season™ Daily Planner
Weekly Sticky Notepad

Intentional Weekly Planner Notepad

Break it Down Notepad

Remember, no matter which planning tools you choose (there are no wrong choices!), we’re with you every step of the way.

We'd love to hear: Which of these tools are your favorite? Which ones would you like to try?

Kelley Hill

Kelley Hill

Kelley Hill


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