Feeling Stuck? We’re here to help!

Feeling Stuck? We’re here to help!

The world says grow fast, be big, use these tricks, get ahead. But we Cultivators know that’s not how good things take root. We embrace little by little progress. We don’t believe in quick fixes or overnight results, because we know it’s okay to grow slow.

We often think of slow growth as flawed growth, but the truth is all good things grow slow–babies, fruit, relationships, and big dreams.

Over the past few months, we’ve watched thousands of women dig into setting meaningful goals using PowerSheets, and we’ve celebrated their progress each week in our Facebook group!

Guess what, friends! We firmly believe the best is yet to come! Join Lara Casey for a FREE live workshop on Wednesday, May 16th at 2pm ET as she shares FIVE WAYS to finally move forward on your goals!

Whether you started the year out with PowerSheets and are ready for a pep talk or you’re ready to take the leap in uncovering what matters most, this live workshop is for you!

We created our PowerSheets Six-Month Goal Planner to help women uncover purpose-filled goals and do something about them.

Now is your time!

It’s time.

Time to do the things that have been burning on your heart.
Time to dig in, right where you are with what you have
June 1 could be your January 1, my friend.

We can’t wait to see you next Wednesday, May 16 at 2pm ET! Sign up here!

Please note: Crowdcast works best on the Google Chrome browser, and we recommend downloading it ahead of the webinar. If you experience technical difficulties, please reach out directly to Crowdcast support.

If you aren’t able to join us live for this workshop, there’s no need to fret. A replay will be available for all those that have registered, so be sure to sign up to receive access to the broadcast afterward!

Leave us a comment, and let us know you’re coming! We can’t wait to see how your little by little progress will add up to help you cultivate what matters in your own life.

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