2024 PowerSheets and Season by Season Save the Date + Cultivators' Appreciation Day!

2024 PowerSheets and Season by Season Save the Date + Cultivators' Appreciation Day!

You, friend, are brave.

You are passionate.

You know that little by little adds up.

You know that any day can be a fresh start, that change is possible, and that progress is better than perfection.

You know that naming what matters changes everything.

You get your hands dirty and make a mess in the name of REALLY good things.

You are part of a community—a movement!—of women who live out what matters and build each other up.

You, friend, are a Cultivator. And we're so glad you're here.

For eight years, we've celebrated a holiday in your honor. Cultivators' Appreciation Day started as a day for our team to express gratitude for our customers (because you are the BEST!), but we've been tickled to see you turn around and use it as an opportunity to express gratitude and spread joy in your own lives, leading to one of those ripple effects we love so much!

Want in? You have THREE ways to celebrate today!

PowerSheets save the date

Take advantage of the Semi-Annual Warehouse Sale as our way of thanking you! (Feel free to spread the love and share the sale with friends and family, too!) 

Thank the people who help you cultivate what matters! Send them a text, give them a call, write them a letter, post some love on social media. Thank them for the specific ways they help you live on purpose and pursue what matters most.

Save the date for the 2024 PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner and Season by Season Planner launches! Yes, friends, they're (BOTH) almost here!!

  • The 2024 Season by Season Planner will launch on Tuesday, September 12 at 10am ET.
  • The 2024 PowerSheets® Goal Planner will launch on Wednesday, October 4 at 10am ET.

Here's what you can expect in the meantime!

PowerSheets save the dates

A few important notes about 2024 launch days:

  • We know many of you are planning to purchase both One-Year PowerSheets® and the Season by Season Daily Planner. Thank you!! If you purchase your SBS during launch week (September 12-18), we will be emailing you a $10 off code for PowerSheets launch day to help offset a second round of shipping, with our gratitude.
  • We also know many of you like to coordinate your planner and PowerSheets covers. As you can see above, you'll have plenty of time to consider your options before launch day for Season by Season! We can't wait to see what you choose!!

Finally, we wanted to leave you with a few thoughts on what PowerSheets and the Cultivate What Matters community have meant to some of our fellow Cultivators.

Being a Cultivator has shown me how to live each day, instead of always focusing on future goals. This was so helpful when on Jan 4 this year, I had an accident and was unable to walk or bear weight for four months, with a lengthy recovery phase, too. I was able to use that time to think about how I could be of service to others from where I was, even though all of my goals had to be abandoned. PowerSheets brought me out of chronic pain and depression in 2020 and I’ve never looked back. — Kathy

As a PowerSheets user, I've paid off $160,178 of debt little by little since January 2020. I have $24k to go to become debt free.  Shanel

I’ve used PowerSheets to transition from teacher to launching and growing my copywriting business and becoming a mom of two boys! PowerSheets made it easy to be super intentional throughout these major shifts in my life. I am so grateful!  Megan

I started using PowerSheets in 2021 at the height of the pandemic and I was so lost about what I was doing with my life. They helped me make sense of what was an otherwise really chaotic and challenging time in my life. I pursued my dream job and pulled it off after months of working to get qualified for the position. Everything for me changed, and I credit PowerSheets for a lot of it. — Nicole

I am a productivity fiend and struggle with just "being" - I am always looking for something to do or trying to get something done. My PowerSheets have helped me figure out which commitments I made because I really care about them, and which I made out of habit or obligation. I am learning to delegate or step away from the second type when I can so I can focus on the things I really want to do and care about. — Diana

I am a very ambitious person by nature, but my PowerSheets have helped me focus on setting and accomplishing goals in a timely manner. I love to mark things off a list, so by setting realistic goals each month I have accomplished more in the last 5 years (big and small!) than I ever thought was possible. — Lindsay

Being a Cultivator has encouraged me to be more self-aware and think about what matters to me in the big picture. It has helped me determine where I want to spend my time. It’s shown me that I don’t have to do it all or be perfect to make progress. Thank you, Team Cultivate, for building a community of women who say yes to imperfect and messy but consistent progress. — Audrey

Today and every day, we're honored to have you here—YOU are what make this the best goal-setting community around. Happy Cultivators' Appreciation Day!

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Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas is Cultivate What Matters' Content Strategist and Writer. With over a decade at Cultivate, Emily loves helping women uncover what matters, set good goals, and live them out with joy. Her free time is spent with her high-school-sweetheart husband and three young kiddos.

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