Spring forward on your goals AND take 20% off!

Spring forward on your goals AND take 20% off!

With so many to-dos and priorities, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Decision fatigue and distractions can keep you from focusing on the most important things. But, conquering your task list once and for all won’t actually solve the root of the problem. It starts by taking a look at what goes on that list in the first place!

So, what on your to-do list is essential and what’s a distraction? Removing physical clutter, mental barriers, and distractions will allow you to spring forward on your goals. You have to be ruthless about what you allow on your to-do list and say no to anything that isn't actually important. Time is both precious and plentiful, friends! Maybe, just maybe, you could start doing less and making it mean a whole lot more.

We'll help you get started today with the best ways our team and this community have found to free up more time in our days for the things and people that matter most. Join us LIVE on Facebook at 2pm EST to learn 11 bite-sized ways to free up time and cultivate what matters this spring!

Catch the replay below!

You can clear the clutter and spring forward on your goals this month—you just need a simplified system that works for you!  Here are some best-selling tools we love:

—Want to focus on one specific goal this season? These Goal Guides are the perfect tool!
—Ready to start celebrating those you love most? You'll love the Celebrations Binder and the Joyful Greeting Card Set.
—Looking to grow your faith? Pick your favorite Write the Word Journal.
Do fun, colorful things fire you up to keep moving forward? Grab a Goal-Setting Sticker Book!

Did I mention that you get 20% off your order with code SPRINGFORWARD now through Tuesday? Just what you need to complete your PowerSheets® collection!

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