90+ Word of the Year Ideas

90+ Word of the Year Ideas

In the thick of it, it's not always easy to remember what matters most. 

Yes, you've set thoughtful, meaningful goals, and yes, you've got a helpful tracker to break them down each month—but day by day? In the bustle of getting to work on time and getting dinner on the table and calling your parents and paying the bills? Yes, it's shockingly easy to forget your big-picture vision and what matters most.

In addition, your brain may rebel when you set a new goal or change your behavior, preferring to stay in its comfort zone. Because of this, you'll need boosts of energy to keep up your momentum throughout the year ahead.

A Word of the Year can do that for you—it's a tool to remind you of where you're headed even as you take steps to make your goals a reality.

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How to choose a Word of the Year

Settling on just one word to sum up your whole year might feel stressful—but it doesn't have to! Remember, we're after progress, not perfection here. A good-enough word is actually perfect :) 

Here are three simple steps to choose your Word of the Year:

1. Make a list.

Write down any word that resonates with you for the year ahead. Flip back through each page of your PowerSheets® Prep Work and circle, star, or highlight words and phrases that stand out. Which words or ideas pop up over and over again? Which words point to your big-picture vision and how you want to live it out this year?

2. Look up the definitions.

For each word you're considering, note the definition, synonyms, and antonyms. As you do, you'll start to hone in on the word that best fits the year you want to live, and you might find an unexpected frontrunner along the way!

3. Ask for advice.

While this step isn't right for everyone (we trust you know best what word will guide you in the year ahead!), it can be fun and illuminating to bounce ideas off others. There's always a flurry of Word of the Year discussions in the PowerSheets® Facebook group in December and January, so if you're stumped, you might try polling the 20k+ women there. 

Or, bring a few frontrunners to a trusted friend or your significant other, and see what they think. 

4. Choose a word.

It's really as simple as that! Choose one word from your list of potentials and post it in a place you'll see it often. Write it at the top of your Tending List each month; post it on your refrigerator, desk, or computer monitor; or make it your phone's lock screen. Write it anywhere and everywhere to remind yourself of where you're going.

90+ Word of the Year Ideas

In the brainstorming phase for your Word of the Year? We've got you! Use this list of 90+ Word of the Year ideas to jumpstart your search.

Word of the Year ideas

Find one you like? Download a free phone lock screen with your new Word of the Year. We hope it gives you purpose and direction in the year ahead!

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Emily Thomas

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