This Changes Everything! 2019 PowerSheets are here!

This Changes Everything! 2019 PowerSheets are here!

What if today is the day that everything changes?

You're restless. You want to be the person you were made to be. But, your time, heart, and energy have been sucked dry by guilt, distractions, and not knowing where to go next.

Instead of doing the same things you’ve always done and getting the same results you’ve always gotten, you could find clarity and purpose. You could finally achieve goals that matter.

Would you believe us if we said it was possible to make a decision today that will lead to you uncovering your best goals and actually doing something about them?


The 2019 PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planners are here, and the three-step proven process inside will help you focus on things that last. Thousands of women have experienced it and starting today, you can, too!

Everything you need to uncover goals that matter is in the PowerSheets! Our simple, guided process walks you through three steps:

  • PowerSheets Prep Work: The first 34 pages help you uncover your unique goals and what matters most to you

  • Intentional Action Plans: Step-by-step action plan pages help you look for threads and themes in your Prep Work. You'll turn your goal ideas into "good goals," with specific starting steps

  • Monthly Tending Pages: Tending pages help you live out your goals and action plans each month!


  • A proven system that works!
  • The signature PowerSheets Prep process that will guide you to uncover the right goals for your season of life.
  • 12 months of goal-setting worksheets to help you make big-picture goals a reality and embrace little by little progress.
  • Teaching and tips on every page so you stay motivated and on track—like having a coach in your pocket!
  • Exclusive seasonal worksheets to refresh and refocus your goals each season.
  • Access to our private community of like-minded women who use PowerSheets, too!
  • Inspiring design, a full page of signature goal-setting stickers, and so much more!

The 2019 PowerSheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is a year-long, goal-planning system. At $58 it’s by far our best value, and once we sell out, we’re sold out until we launch 2020 PowerSheets next fall. If you are reading this right now, the One-Year PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner is the one for you. It includes a year’s worth of goal planning, tending, and built-in accountability–all for less than $5 a month!

Now through tomorrow, Thursday, October 25th at midnight ET, all domestic orders over $100 will receive free shipping–no code required!

2019 PowerSheets are an investment in yourself and your dreams, and in turn, an investment in your relationships with those who matter most to you. Setting good goals—cultivated goals—can have a ripple effect on your family, your children, your friends, your coworkers. You have the potential to impact your life, right where you are, starting today.

This can change everything for you, friend. Are you ready?

Take the leap, and uncover your best goals alongside us!

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