We Delivered PowerSheets in Person and Here's What Happened!

Did you know that PowerSheets® Goal Planners ship to all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world each year?! The unifying factor among Cultivators is a belief that change is possible and a desire to make the most of this one life we've been given - and that knows no geographical bounds! 

We're lucky to have a fantastic warehouse and shipping partner that does a great job sending your orders on time and in tip-top shape. Still, you'll often hear us say we wish we could deliver every single order in person (on a sprout-bedecked plane, of course!), because how amazing would it be to hug each one of you and sit down for a chat to talk about your goals for the year ahead?! 

We haven't yet found a way to clone our ten-person team to deliver to the many thousands of gals who've committed to PowerSheets next year, but we did the next best thing: we made a very special trip to one of you. Here's how the adventure unfolded this weekend...Thank you to EVERYONE who ordered on launch day (or the day after!) with the hopes of winning a visit from members of Team Cultivate! As a small business, your launch day orders mean SO much to us, and we are very, very grateful. We truly wish we could hug each one of you in person, but in the meantime, know your order will be shipped with love and speed from our warehouse! 

Have you purchased your 2020 PowerSheets yet? The full Collection is LIVE in the shop now! (And pssst: don't miss the Legacy journals or the Joyful Greeting Card Boxed Set - two of my brand-new favorites!)

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