How to Take Back Your Summer!

How to Take Back Your Summer!

by: Emily Thomas

You want this summer to be different—refreshing, purposeful, and joy-filled.

But, life keeps happening. You're overwhelmed. You're afraid you'll miss what's right in front of you—opportunities you can't get back.

It's time to take back your summer!

For 8 years, the PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner and accessories have helped women just like you live their best summers—and beyond! And we can't wait for our NEW Spring Collection to launch a week from today (May 14th) at 10am ET. 

Using our 3-step proven process, you'll:
1) Uncover a plan for your unique summer.
2) Break your plan down into simple steps.
3) Live it out, little by little!

Get ready to buy your Six-Month PowerSheets and 11 BRAND NEW accessories next Tuesday to use your time on purpose—with no regrets. You know what we believe to be true: There is nothing magical about January 1st!

If you don't, this summer will feel like every other season. If you do, you'll end the summer knowing you didn't miss a thing! You made memories. You felt real joy. You cultivated what matters.

Your best summer ever is here!

So, to celebrate the upcoming launch—we're revealing goodies in the new collection each day!

Come back to the blog every day this week for the story behind each new product, along with giveaways and a look behind the scenes! We'll be sharing sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram, too!

Are you ready for the first reveal?!?!

Your ultimate summer uniform!

The Cultivated Life Pocket Tee is super comfy, soft, and is the punch of pink you've been looking for!

Don't know what to wear to your summer barbeque? The Cultivated Life Pocket Tee.
Want the best conversation starter t-shirt? This is it. 
The tee you'll wear again and again? I think you're getting the point here.
The t-shirt all your friends will ask about? You should probably buy one for your friend, too.

We know your days are full. With this tee, we've made it easy for you to get up and get going for a day of adventure, a girls' trip to the beach, or an afternoon by the sprinkler with little ones!

A cultivated life is a sweet life because it's focused on the good stuff: family, friends, and a legacy that lasts longer than you.

Slip this shirt on and let it be one more reminder to choose the best life has for you, one step at a time. We'll be over here raising our glass of lemonade to you, pink tee worn with joy!

The Cultivated Life Pocket Tee is so comfy, high-quality, and will without-a-doubt be your go-to tee this summer! The tee is $26. Sizing is unisex, sizes XS-XXL available. 

Limited quantities—we expect this one to sell out fast!

Want to be the first to shop on Launch Day (May 14th) to be sure you get one (or five)?!? Join the newsletter list now. We'll email you the moment shopping begins! 

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas has been writing content for Cultivate What Matters for over four years. Her passion is helping women unlock what matters most in their lives and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three kids, and Golden Retriever, Dolly.

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