Renew Breaks: what are they and why we do them

Renew Breaks: what are they and why we do them

by: Jess Thore

Each December, the Cultivate and Southern Weddings team crowds around a computer screen, pulls out a set of PowerSheets, and digs into some serious dreaming and planning. Why? While we each have individual PowerSheets for our work and personal goals, we know reflecting on the past year and setting goals as a team will prepare and equip us to continue to spread our missions!

Those of you that followed along last December might remember our word for 2017: RENEW. The definition of renew is to make new, fresh, or strong again, and the minute it was suggested, we just knew it would be the perfect word for our year.

We’ve talked at length about the importance of taking care of yourself in your personal life, but I want to share more about something we have incorporated into our company culture (thanks largely in part to Lara’s personal experience and encouragement!) over the past year and half: renew breaks!

What is a renew break? A renew break can be a lot of different things! The easiest way to describe it is it’s simply a time to step away from your computer and to-do list to do something different and give your brain a break. We add it to our Tending List each month, and we hold each other accountable for it, too!

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate a little bit of self-care into your workday, here’s a round-up of some of our renew breaks from 2017:


Marissa took some time last month to schedule her company date night for February!


Because Kristin works remotely and can sometimes not step outside during a workday, she prioritizes her mailbox walk each day!


Ive learned that the best time to paint my nails is right before digging into my inbox because nothing will get chipped! I keep a few polish colors in my desk drawer when the mood strikes, and I’m lucky the in-office gals don’t mind the smell!


Amber spent some time each day reading a new book and checking off one of her daily PowerSheets goals!


If you’ve been following Lara‘s 2017 goals, you know an active lifestyle to give her more energy is on the top of her mind! Her new FitBit encourages her to get up and get to moving if she’s been still for too long!


It’s tempting to spend our lunch breaks tied to a computer, but Emily has been stepping outside to her porch for lunch ever since we’ve been experiencing this spring-like weather!


This was one of my favorite renew breaks from the past month! Emily brought in her Warby Parker try-on kit and modeled some options for the in-office gals! Head to her blog to see what she chose!

As you can see, our renew breaks aren’t large or extravagant affairs! They’re simply an opportunity to take a break and refresh our spirits to finish the day strong!

Are you going to give renew breaks a try? What are ways you renew your mind throughout your workday? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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