PowerSheets Site Update!

Hi, friends!

We’re excited to let you know about some updates to the PowerSheets site. Thank you for your feedback and questions in the Technical Questions Group – we really appreciate it!

Here’s what’s new:

 1. Users can choose to receive email notifications for their groups. Just click on “email options” on the left sidebar when you go to each of your groups!

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 2

2. Group leaders can choose to send welcome emails. This is a great way to introduce group members to the rest of the group, or give them a little more information about the group they’ve joined. Everyone in the group will receive this email regardless of their email settings, so use with caution.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 3

 3. Group leaders can opt out of receiving email notifications. When you’re on a group’s page, you’ll see a “Your Email Status Is:” dropdown to select your preference.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets

 4. You can read old notifications. View, mark as unread or delete old notifications in your Feed.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 4

5. Group filters are easier to use! You can now filter by online groups or local teams, and choose how you want groups to sort on the lefthand sidebar.

Tech Questions_PowerSheets 5

We’re always trying to make your experience on cultivatewhatmatters.com better! Thank you again for helping us improve the usability of our community site!

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