PowerSheets Prep Week is Coming!

PowerSheets Prep Week is Coming!

by: Cultivate Team

No more rushing into the new year with hastily-set goals. No more going through the motions, doing the same things you've always done and getting the same results. There's a better way!

Are you ready for a planning party for your new year? We are! 

Our annual PowerSheets Prep Week kicks off bright and early Monday morning, where we're going to start planting seeds now for the good things we want to grow in 2019!

We’re doing all the teaching early so you can do your PowerSheets Prep Work anytime that’s best for you in December—but we'd love to have you join in with us this week!

Here's everything you need to know about what's coming your way next week:

  • Teaching videos on the blog and our Vimeo channel to walk you step-by-step through the PowerSheets Prep Work. It will be like having a goal coach in your pocket (or on your computer screen!).
  • Daily blog posts with tending tips and encouragement. Come to the Cultivate blog each morning for the day's teaching video and our best tending tips and encouragement. You can go at your own pace!
  • Conversation starters in the PowerSheets Facebook Group and on social media. You won't have to do this goal setting thing alone!
  • A free LIVE class all about getting started. Lara will be hosting a live class on how to set up your 2019 PowerSheets on Thursday. Part practical advice and part PowerSheets pep rally, this is the perfect motivational hour for digging into your PowerSheets Prep Work. Can't join live? A replay will be available!
  • An exciting giveaway coming to the Cultivate blog this Wednesday! Here's a hint: if you've been wanting to attend the Making Things Happen Conference, you're going to want to be here!

Below you'll find a breakdown of the pages our team is planning on tackling each day. Use this as a guide, but give yourself room to go at your own pace. The best part of starting your Prep Work now is giving your goals room to marinate over the coming week! It's okay if you don't finish the week with your final 2019 goals set in stone—you have plenty of space to finalize them in the weeks ahead (and we can't wait to see them!).

We want to follow along on your journey too, so be sure to share your progress in the PowerSheets Facebook Group, use the hashtags #PowerSheets and #PowerSheetsPrepWeek, and tag us in your Instagram stories. 

Don't have your 2019 PowerSheets yet? Today is the perfect day to begin. Order them today, bookmark this page, and follow along when your bright yellow box of PowerSheets arrive!

Leave a comment and let us know if you have your 2019 PowerSheets in hand and are planning to tune in next week! Introduce yourself. Tell us where you live. We'd love to see how many friends we’ll be spending time with next week!

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