PowerSheets Preorder Update!

PowerSheets Preorder Update!

by: Cultivate Team

When the Cultivate team launched 2017 PowerSheets on November 1st, we never could have imagined how quickly every single one of our 2017 PowerSheets Workbooks would end up in the hands of women (and men!) across the world! Of course, that was our dream all along, and we were humbled when we sold out earlier this month!


Something has happened since then, though. There has been a ripple effect. As your family and friends are watching you begin to live intentionally, they want to know what you’re doing differently, what product you’re using. We've received a flood of emails, phone calls and social media questions and requests for a restock. You’ve shared your heartfelt stories about how PowerSheets are helping you-whether its your first year using them or your fifth year-cultivate the most important things in your life. Hear us loud and clear that while yes, the PowerSheets are an incredible resource and tool, they are just that, a tool. YOU are uncovering your purpose and YOU are living it out!

We are grateful and excited to share that we have a small batch of undated PowerSheets available for preorder in the Cultivate Shop! These Undated Six-Month PowerSheets will ship by late May, arriving just in time for you to begin June goal-setting for the last half of the year! We are so excited knowing that so many first-time PowerSheets users and those of you who purchased a single Six-Month PowerSheets Workbook will be able to finish the year strong!

If you don’t have a set of PowerSheets yet, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to do until May. We want to encourage you: start now. Don’t wait. Start small or start big, or somewhere in between, but just get going. Good goals are about stewarding what you’ve been given well, and there’s no magical day or circumstances or things needed for that. Today, tomorrow, or even February 1st could be your January 1st!

Preorder your Six-Month PowerSheets today!

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We are so excited for this new batch of PowerSheets to land in your hands in May! Here are a few questions we’ve been asked so far!

When will they ship? They will ship by late May from our warehouse in North Carolina to arrive in time for your June goal-setting!

What if I order a sticker book, journal, etc. with my order? Those will be held until your PowerSheets are available to ship. We recommend you placing your orders separately if you want those items now. Be sure to take a peek at our Monthly Tab Stickers in Gold Foil. We created those just for our Undated PowerSheets!

When will you have One Year PowerSheets restocked/available for preorder? We will not be restocking or creating a preorder for the One Year workbooks. We will release the 2018 One Year PowerSheets Workbook later this fall!

Do you have a digital version available for download? We don’t offer digital downloads for PowerSheets, but recommend starting with Lara’s 2017 Goal-Setting Series and reading her book, Make It Happen!

What colors will be available for preorder? All 3 colors will be available for preorder while supplies last!

When will I be charged? You will be charged at the time of the order, and your PowerSheets will ship by late May.

Why doesn’t the Cultivate team simply order more PowerSheets and stop selling out of everything? We are a small team of 8 women, with only 4 of us running the Cultivate side. While we’d love the whole world to have these products in their hands, we are doing our best to grow small and intentionally at a pace we can support.

I don’t have PowerSheets yet, what am I going to do between now and May/June? We have goal setting resources available to you to start right now! We encourage you to dig into Lara’s Goal-Setting Series today as she walks you through her personal Prep Work and 2017 goals. Her book, Make It Happen, is also a great resource, and it uses similar prompts to the PowerSheets process! We’re working on other resources, so stay tuned for exclusive details available to 2017 PowerSheets users!

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