Our Favorite Things – January

Our Favorite Things – January

by: Amber Housley

Happy end of January, friends! We know you’ve been working hard on your PowerSheets goals for 2018 already (or you’re gearing up to start today)!  And while the beauty of cultivating what matters is that it doesn’t have to cost you a dime, sometimes it’s a good motivator to treat yourself to some fun little gifts that support your goals along the way!

So I’m rounding up some of our team’s favorite products and tools from January that are helping us make progress as we tackle our PowerSheets Tending Lists this month. Enjoy!

  •  I just got this YETI 30 oz rambler at Christmas, and it has been bringing me so much joy as I work on my daily water intake goal. Drinking lots of water helps me stave off headaches, drowsiness, snack attacks, and colds, so it’s always on my daily goal list! This rambler keeps my water super cold, somehow holds a ton of water without being huge, and has a mouth that usually doesn’t result in me pouring water all over myself. :)
  • If one of your goals is to fuel your body well, Emily recommends this 100 Days of Real Food blog which has tons of recipes that cut out the processed foods from your life! There’s even a cookbook with rave reviews too!
  • I’m so excited that so many have been inspired by Lara to get into the Bible each day in 2018! Kaylee is working her way through the whole Bible in 2018 with the help of The Bible Project for extra information and context as she reads and highly recommends their resources.
  • Need more healthy eating ideas? Amber is committing to her health this year with the help of the Weight Watchers app on her phone! You can use it to log what you eat each day and track your points, as well as get inspiration for new healthy recipes!
  • Alright guys, we know, Lululemon pants are an investment but hear me out. As Jess points out, one or two pairs of these comfortable, durable, high-quality leggings can serve you as well as six pairs of other pants while also helping you minimize the amount of stuff in your life. These also make a fantastic celebration idea for progress on yourPowerSheets fitness goals!
  • Last, but not least, I’m putting this gold FitBit band on my celebration idea wish list as well. Lara gifted our entire team with FitBits for our team health initiative, and I’m positively addicted. Though my lovely work-from-home job and mama life isn’t as dressy as it used to be, I would love to still be able to dress my FitBit up and take her out on the town now and then!

What “things” are helping you make progress on your goals this month? We’d love to hear so we can add them to our lists! 

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