Meet Our Contributors – Bailey Robert

Meet Our Contributors – Bailey Robert

by: Laura Kashner

The LC Team is over the moon to introduce the first of our group of PowerSheets Community Blog Contributors – Bailey Robert! Over the next several months, Bailey will share openly about her PowerSheets journey. We hope that you’ll be encouraged by her progress over perfection, and can take away some of Bailey’s tips and tricks for making the PowerSheets work best for her. We are excited for this community to get a glimpse into these PowerSheets users’ lives and how they’re making what matters happen. Get to know a little bit about Bailey below and stay tuned for her first contributor post in the coming weeks! 

What’s your story in a few sentences?
Hi y’all! I’m Bailey Jean, a believer, blogger, and big dreamer from Texas, currently in Oklahoma finishing my Masters in Theatre. I’m a perfectionist who is learning to give and accept grace, a collector of pretty things and words seeking to simplify, and an avid encourager and storyteller trying to preach to my own heart, too.

What’s your favorite color?
Navy blue and peony pink.

PowerSheets_Bailey collage

Some of Bailey’s favorite things!

What fires you up about spring?

Sunflowers at the farmers market.
Rainy days for staying in with a good book.
Crisp strawberry lemonade.
Outdoor lunches with friends after church.
Bright natural light in my living room.
Graduating from graduate school (in May)!

How long have you used the PowerSheets and how have they helped you in the past?
I have used the PowerSheets for three years now, beginning with my first set after graduating college. The PowerSheets have helped me focus on making what matters happen in both busy seasons and seasons of transition, from traditional to-do’s to what fires me up. Every cross-country move and summer slow down still had purpose, and the PowerSheets helped me take my dreams/goals from lofty ideas to practical steps toward success. They have been a game changer!

What is your favorite part of the PowerSheets?
The refresh pages are my favorite additions! I used to get so disappointed when I’d set a goal and would only make it a few months, weeks, or merely days, but now the refresh pages have given me permission to reassess my goals as the seasons shift and as my world changes. This year I’ve been focusing on the three month sections in the PowerSheets Workbook to set the pace as each season looks drastically different from the next, especially with graduation and another move on the horizon.

Tell us about one of your goals for the year.
One goal that will carry over into every season is to cultivate heart healthy habits. In my mind’s eye, heart healthy habits cover all bases: physical, spiritual, and mental/emotional. This year I am determined to create habits that will serve me in both the present and the future, from studying the Bible intentionally and chronologically to getting active through holy yoga and daily exercise. Each month I work on incorporating a new habit and sustaining the one added last month.

What is your favorite PowerSheets sticker?
The stickers are so fun! I love the bright orange circle that says “Gratitude changes everything.” Being reminded to count my blessings makes my days more joy-filled and productive.

As a contributor, what encouragement can you give to our PowerSheets community?
My hope and prayer while contributing to the PowerSheets community is to encourage YOU to savor your season, celebrating little victories on the way to your goals and dreams. I think being vulnerable about our struggles and confident in our strengths paves the way for change, and community is a crucial part of the process. I also want to encourage you to create space in your days for what fires you up; self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential, and you will reap the benefits in places you wouldn’t expect it. Give yourself grace and lots of it. It will make all the difference.

What’s your word for 2016?

Anything else our community should know about you?
I am so, so excited to be part of this community! I have the JOY of leading two groups here that I would love for you to join: The Book Club Babes and All the Single Ladies. While I have big dreams for my life –some yet to be fulfilled and many I am actively working towards– I believe that THIS season can bear fruit, too. Let’s make what matters happen TOGETHER and have a world of fun while doing it.

Follow Bailey:  | @lovebaileyjean

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