Introducing the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Planners!

Introducing the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Planners!

by: Meg Prellwitz

OH HAPPY DAY! We're delighted to give you your first look at the 2020 Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Goal Planners—they were made for YOU!

So many of you have been eagerly anticipating Six-Month PowerSheets, and we're thrilled to say they're (almost) here! Mark your calendars: the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets will be available on Tuesday, January 21 at 10 am ET! 

After offering a more neutral six-month cover in years past, we're excited to shake things up in 2020 with the all-new Citrus Blooms pattern! It incorporates many of the details you love about our signature Blooms cover, but with a fresh (juicy!) twist perfect for your fresh start! After all, there's nothing magical about January 1 your fresh start can be TODAY, and Six-Month Undated PowerSheets make that possible!

Read on for the answers to some of your frequently asked questions about the six-month undated version of the best-selling goal planner. Don't see your question? Leave a comment, and we'll answer it!

What's the difference between the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Goal Planner and the One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner?
The Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Goal Planner will help you uncover meaningful goals and live them out, just like the One-Year Planner—but you can start them any time! Six-Month Planners include 6 months of monthly guided worksheets, while the One-Year Planners include 12 months. Both include the same proven process, including the signature PowerSheets Prep Work and goal coaching throughout. 

Do the Six-Month PowerSheets include the same worksheets as the One Year PowerSheet planners?
Absolutely! You can live your best year with the exact same signature Prep Work pages, stickers, goal coaching, and quarterly goal refresh as the One Year PowerSheets. The Six-Month PowerSheets follow the same proven process—it's just meant to be used for half a year instead of a full year! The tabs and calendar dates are blank for you to customize however you like.

Who is this planner for? 
The Six-Month Undated PowerSheets are great for any woman, in any season of life. If you want to focus on your goals six months at a time, if you're setting goals after the new year,  if you just want to do the Prep Work twice each year, or if you'd like to try six months of goal planning before committing for a year—you'll love this goal planner.

Are the Six-Month PowerSheets Undated?
Yes! The Six-Month PowerSheets are undated so you can get started any time of the year. The monthly tabs and dates are blank throughout this goal planner so you can customize yours however you like.

What can I expect inside?
You'll love what's inside the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets:
  • A proven process that works. (Read the reviews!)
  • The signature PowerSheets Prep™️ process to uncover the right goals for your season of life.
  • 6 months of intentional goal-setting worksheets to make your goals reality.
  • Expert goal coaching on every page so you stay motivated and on track.
  • Inspiring design, a full page of signature goal-setting stickers, and so much more!

  • Will I have access to the same PowerSheets resources as the One Year PowerSheets users? 
    You sure will. You'll enjoy free access to the five-part goal coaching video series, monthly goal coaching to your inbox from Team Cultivate, the library of downloadable Wildcard Pages, and the exclusive Facebook group.

    What are my cover options for the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets?
    The Six-Month Undated PowerSheets come in one beautiful and inspiring pattern: Citrus Blooms!

    Is there a calendar spread inside the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets? 
    Yes! Goal planning and life planning go hand-and-hand. With the monthly calendar spreads in the 2020 Six-Month Undated PowerSheets, you'll be able to get a monthly glance of your schedule while you’re digging into your goals for the month.

    How much are they?
    The Six-Month Undated PowerSheets are $44. If you break it down, that's the cost of two cups of coffee per month! A pretty fair price to achieve your dreams and goals, yes?

    Will there be a bundle available with Six-Month Undated PowerSheets?
    Yes! The Fresh Start Bundle will be available and includes: a Six Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner, 2020 Goal Setting Sticker Book, Green Accessory Pouch, and a set of Magnetic Page Markers. This bundle is valued at $85, but will be available to you for just $70! With this limited-quantity bundle, you'll save $15.

    Grab your Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner on Tuesday, January 21 and cultivate your best year yet with us! 

    You can make progress. You can start fresh. You can write your own story! We'll be with you every step of the way. 

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