Have Fun with Your Faith! Introducing the Cultivate Faith Sticker Book

Have Fun with Your Faith! Introducing the Cultivate Faith Sticker Book

by: Jess Thore

You know what we’ve heard from you since launching our Write the Word for Kids Journal? You’re excited to cultivate your faith in a new and fun way! While our Write the Word journals don’t have coloring pages, we do have the perfect accessory for you: our brand new Cultivate Faith Sticker Book!

We’ve sent more than 8 million stickers out into the world in our PowerSheets Goal Planners and Goal-Setting Sticker Book, and we asked ourselves, “Why stop now?” :)

We’re firm believers that stickers make life more colorful and fun, but they have the potential to do so much more, too!

These stickers have the potential to make life more meaningful, too! There are stickers that say “answered prayer” (which I’ve already used in my prayer journal), amen stickers, and more than enough praise hands! Use these colorful and intentional stickers in your Bible, your Write the Word journal, your PowerSheets Goal Planner, day planner, or wherever you want to mark what matters!

If you’ve ever had the privilege of observing elementary-aged children, you’ve likely seen the childlike wonder, curiosity, vulnerability, and authenticity that is embedded in everything they do. Whether it’s the time they take to inspect every flower on a walk or the care in which they interact with their friends, children have the ability to slow down and find joy in the things they do.

When I think about what Matthew 18:3 says, I’m reminded of the command to embrace a childlike faith. Childlike faith carries no heavy burdens and believes for impossible things. I can’t promise you that our sticker book will eliminate your burdens or be the reason you do the impossible when it comes to your faith, but our hope is these stickers are an invitation to approach your faith through a different lens and spend time cultivating what matters most to you.

Shop the Cultivate Faith Sticker Book here!

We want to hear from you! What does cultivating your faith look like? How do you make it exciting and fun? We’d love to hear about them below in the comments!

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