I bought my PowerSheets. Now what?

I bought my PowerSheets. Now what?

by: Cultivate Team

The first bright yellow Oh Happy Day boxes have left our shipping team's hands and have begun to show up on doorsteps across the country (and around the world -- 65 countries and counting!), and we couldn't be more excited for each of you! 

Want to dig into setting cultivated goals right now? (We don't blame you!) Here are a few easy steps to help you get started cultivating what matters, right where you are!

Get to know your PowerSheets. Flip through and get to know the pages where your goals will come to life over the next 12 months! Go on a PowerSheets scavenger hunt, and find these things:

  • Your stickers!
  • The BRAND NEW Threads section (hint: start on page 35)
  • Monthly Tending Lists
  • Quarterly Refresh Pages
  • Your Wildcard pages (hint: head to page 74 of your PowerSheets Goal Planner for a link, or snag our Wildcard Page Pack for a pre-printed collection!)

Write your name on Page 5. That’s right! No perfect pen or handwriting required. Sometimes writing the first words in a new book or journal can be the hardest part. Our best advice? Dig in with something simple to get your momentum going: your name. Messy, authentic handwriting is encouraged! 

Join our Facebook Group to connect with fellow PowerSheets users. Come say hi, and introduce yourself to us! There are more than 9,000 women sharing their goal progress, and we love meeting you and following your story!

Join us for Tending List Tuesday Instagram Lives every week, and find us on Instagram and Facebook Monday through Friday.

Read Lara’s books. Both Make It Happen and Cultivate weave Lara’s personal story with questions and responses for you to begin to uncover what matters most to you and grow an intentional life. Grab a journal, and get to reading!

Practice systems for your 2019 PowerSheets now. For example, if you want to start color-coding your 2019 PowerSheets goals, you can start now by using some colored pencils or highlighters that you have. Start creating those habits and rhythms now so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you fill out your January Tending List!

Save the date for our Third Annual PowerSheets Prep Week. On December 3rd, we're kicking off our Third Annual PowerSheets Prep Week to walk you through your PowerSheets Prep Work. Yes, everything you need is in your PowerSheets, but we have lots of fun things planned for you, too! Not only will the Cultivate team be sharing some of our personal PowerSheets Prep Work with you, but there will also be newsletters, blog content, and BRAND NEW videos walking you through your Prep Work. Mark your calendar now, and join our newsletter list to learn more in the coming weeks!

Order your PowerSheets Goal Planner today. While many of our Cultivators have ordered their 2019 PowerSheets, we know there are many of you on the fence. We sell out of our PowerSheets Goal Planners every year, and we don't want you to miss your chance to uncover your best goals. Today is the day! Take the leap, and order your PowerSheets Goal Planner now!

Who is ready to uncover their best goals alongside us? Leave a comment below, and share any 2019 goal ideas that might be marinating in your brain already!

If you're still waiting on your order to arrive, know that we are so excited for you! Our shipping team is working hard to process an unprecedented amount of orders last week, and we are so grateful for your patience! If you received an ORDER confirmation email, we have your order! We'll send you a SHIPPING confirmation email with tracking number as soon as it leaves our hands. If you don't see an ORDER confirmation email, send us a note, and we'll happily check on the status of your order.


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