You asked! Gardening 101 is here 🌱

You asked! Gardening 101 is here 🌱

by: Lara Casey

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You want to start a garden, but HOW?! You keep thinking:

I have no idea where to start!
What if I mess up—there's so much I don't know, and it's overwhelming.
I wish someone would walk me through how to do it (with words I actually understand!).

Feel like an unlikely gardener? You're not alone! I've gone from a plant killer to a seasoned gardener over the last few years (I even wrote a garden-themed book—Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life!). I'll guide you step-by-step to grow your own garden in our new GARDENING 101 CLASS!

The best part? No green thumb required! 

It's your THYME, friend! 
LETTUCE get to it!
You're going to get BERRY good at gardening!
(We couldn't help ourselves!)
Waiting to tell you about this class has been KALE-ing us!

Grow your own garden with ease with our NEW Gardening 101 class! Whether you're just getting started or looking for a better way to garden this year, this class is FOR YOU. You'll learn all the gardening basics. This class is perfect for anyone—from someone who only plants a few pots or someone who has lots of space to garden!

Gardening 101 with Lara Casey

Here's what you'll get in Gardening 101:

—One hour of gardening coaching and how-to's from a seasoned gardener—saving you lots of time and money.
—The 1 critical gardening step most people skip right over.
—A plan for what's best to grow in your location and when you should plant it. (Saving you lots of dead plants!)
—The Best Gardening Resources list—tools, soil, seeds, plants, and so much more, saving you HOURS of research.
—New gardening friends—you don't have to do this alone! You'll get access to our private Facebook community.
—Access to rewatch the class any time you like!
—BONUS! You'll get access to the downloadable 15-page Garden Planner Workbook—a $25 value!

The LIVE class will take place on Tuesday, April 16 from 3-4pm EST. *If you can't join live on April 16th, great news—purchase your ticket now and you'll be able to enjoy the class recording anytime you like!

Gardening 101 with Lara Casey

You can keep feeling like you have no idea what you're doing (and not starting that garden you so very much want!) OR you can gain the confidence to plant your garden with ease in THIS LIVE CLASS!

You'll be so glad you bought your ticket! 

P.S. I'll guide you through starting (or improving!) your garden step-by-step in this class—it'll be fun and easy. We're so excited to see you there—the wait is KALE-ing us!

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