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Customize Your Goals with PowerSheets® Wildcard Pages

by Emily Thomas May 21, 2020 0 Comments

Customize Your Goals with PowerSheets® Wildcard Pages

One of my favorite things about the PowerSheets® goal planner? It's so flexible! You can use yours for business goals or personal goals, for big, technical goals or tiny, relational goals. We serve as your trusted guide along the way, but ultimately, your PowerSheets are a foundation for you to build on.

As your guide, we'll be with you each step of the way with helpful and well-timed resources. We offer many of them for free on the blog, but some are available exclusively to PowerSheets usersnamely, Wildcards! Our library of 20+ downloadable Wildcard Pages help you to customize your goals and make more progress, more quickly (and with ease and joy!). Here's a short list of a few of the Wildcards topics at your fingertips:
  • Books read this year
  • Celebrations calendar
  • Gift ideas
  • Monthly spending log
  • Morning and evening routines
  • Organization and decluttering
  • Party planning
  • Weekend reset
  • Weekly meal planning
Whether you have a goal to love people well, streamline meal planning, save more money, or be your healthiest self, we can help. PowerSheets users, look for the link to the library in your planner! Wildcards are free to download as many as you'd like, as often as you'd like.

Prefer full-color, perfectly-sized Wildcards? You're in luck! We sell an Everyday Essentials Wildcard Page Pack as well as a Summer Wildcard Page Packboth filled with some of the most-popular worksheets from our collection.

Here are a few ways Team Cultivate has been using and loving their Wildcards this year:

Madeline has been tracking her reads with the Book List. "It's surprisingly comforting to re-read the Harry Potter series in this unsettling season," she says.

Julie has been loving the Celebrating Wins sheet. For more more big-picture goals, it's so satisfying to see concrete progress adding up!

With a 2020 goal of streamlining meal planning, I also added a few Go-To Meals lists to my recipe binder: one for spring favorites, and one for "non-recipe" meal ideas.

Lexi (you'll meet her soon!) has been making excellent use of the Daily Water Tracker.

And Meg has prepped a simple summer of fun for her boys. Can we come join?!

PowerSheets users, I'd love to hear: which Wildcard Pages are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Not a PowerSheets user yet? Buy your undated set today and get access to the complete Wildcard library! 

Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas

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