90-Day PowerSheets FAQs

90-Day PowerSheets FAQs

by: Emily Thomas

The launch of 90-Day PowerSheets® is just around the corner, and Team Cultivate could not be more excited! We're thrilled to finally get this brand-new tool in your hand, and to have a goal planning option for the women who join us throughout the year. There's nothing magical about January 1, and now, with 90-Day PowerSheets, any day can be a fresh start! 

New to Cultivate or trying PowerSheets for the first time? (Or maybe you've used One-Year PowerSheets in the past, and are excited to try the 90-Day version?) These frequently-asked questions are for you!

I'm new here! What are PowerSheets?

The PowerSheets are a goal planner—a tool that helps you define, break down, and achieve the things that really matter to you. The best ones (ours!) also help you eliminate distractions and the things that will derail your progress and suck your joy. Some goal planners are focused exclusively on work goals, but we believe the pursuit of an intentional, meaningful life—whether that encompasses just work, just your personal life, or a combination of both—is worthy of your time, your attention, and a great tool.

The PowerSheets walk you through a three-step proven process to uncover your best goals, then move into monthly goal-setting worksheets to make your goals a reality—and it's all based on research! There's expert goal coaching on every page, too, to keep you motivated and on track.

What are the major differences between One-Year and 90-Day PowerSheets?

  • 90-Day (90D) PowerSheets are smaller, lighter, and more portable at 6x9" and 128 pages. One-Year (OY) PowerSheets measure 7.75x10.5" with 156 pages.
  • OY PowerSheets have a gold coil binding. 90D PowerSheets are perfect bound and lay perfectly flat when open.
  • 90D PowerSheets include three months of planning pages; OY PowerSheets include twelve.
  • The 90D Prep Work is slimmed down to make it simple to complete four times a year - 15 pages, versus 19 in OY.
  • The lines for monthly, weekly, and daily action items in the Tending List are distributed differently in 90D and OY.
  • 90D PowerSheets include weekly planning pages.

Wait, there's a planner in PowerSheets now?!

Yes!! For years, women have asked us to include planning pages in PowerSheets, and we're happy to finally deliver. We love that One-Year PowerSheets will remain flexible enough to use alongside the daily scheduling system of your choice, whether that's one of our notepads, a digital system, or a traditional paper planner, and also that we now have an option for those who'd like an all-in-one system!

By planning one quarter at a time, we were able to create a perfectly-portable solution for those who'd like an all-in-one system: a place to dream, set goals, and live them out daily alongside the other pieces of a full life, all in one beautiful package.

Is the Prep Work different in 90-Day PowerSheets?

It is! The Prep Work (the thoughtful questions that guide you to set your best goals) in 90-Day PowerSheets is a slimmed-down version of the original Prep Work. Since you'll be completing it four times a year, we honed in on the most impactful exercises to revisit each quarter!

What is 90-day goal setting?

Quarterly or 90-day goal setting is planning and executing your goals in 90-day, seasonal, or quarterly chunks. Instead of thinking of your goal time horizon as a year, you're shrinking it down to just 90 days. You might still have annual or big-picture goals (we call them Big Dreams here!), but in terms of execution, you’re planning 90 days at a time, or about three months.

Why goal plan in quarters?

  • It feels attainable. It can feel overwhelming to plan for a whole year at a time, and that paralysis can leave you stuck and taking no action at all. Planning just three months at a time feels more doable.
  • You can make a more realistic plan. Your circumstances might change over the next three months, but probably less so than over a whole year. You can be more realistic about the time you have available to work on your goals and make plans you’re more likely to follow through on.
  • It helps combat hesitation around goal setting. Many people struggle with the feelings of permanence from goal setting. Knowing you’re only planning for the next three months makes it easier to dive in.
  • It puts greater emphasis on the process - and, by extension, progress. Goal setting in 90-day chunks brings more urgency to the process. Because of this, it requires you to be more thoughtful and proactive about planning the execution of your goals. 
  • You have goals that feel urgent. We are all about grace, and in some seasons, moving at a slower pace of progress is perfect. Sometimes, though, there are reasons you need or want to see progress more quickly, and a shorter time horizon and keeping a closer eye on execution day by day and week by week will help you get there.

What's included in the weekly planning pages?

We kept things simple and flexible in the two-page weekly planning spreads! Each day of the week has an unlined space for jotting appointments, plans, and action steps, and there's also a lined to do section and an unlined notes section.

Tell me about the construction of 90-Day PowerSheets.

90-Day PowerSheets are perfect bound and perfectly portable! The hard, wipeable linen covers feature gold-foil details and rounded corners. Inside, you'll find two color-coordinated grosgrain bookmarks to mark your place.

    Who are you most excited to see use 90-Day PowerSheets?

    Whether you're new to PowerSheets or jumping back into goal planning, we're thrilled to get this newest version in your hands! These are the women we think the 90-Day version is particularly suited for:

    • Those with big life changes ahead (a move, military deployment, new baby on the way)
    • Those who live with chronic illness and might have different needs in different seasons
    • Those who struggle with time management (we've all been there!) or have a lot of competing priorities
    • Those who have schedules that shift throughout the year (teachers, business owners)
    • Those who have urgent goals and want to get things done

    How much do 90-Day PowerSheets cost?

    90-Day PowerSheets are $28. Choose from two cover options - Natural Linen or Green!

    Will you be restocking 90-Day PowerSheets?

    This is a great (and important!) question! If you choose to adopt the 90-Day PowerSheets system, we want to make sure you can always get your next planner when you need it! Because the batch launching on June 7th is our first run, our inventory is low. It is possible we will sell out.

    We will have a restock arriving in August for our friends who missed this launch or need to buy their planner for the next 90 days. The August restock will be offered first to purchasers of the first batch, and then to the rest of the Cultivate community if there are any left. When we restock later in the fall with the 2023 Collection, we should have plenty to go around - our plan is to keep 90-Day PowerSheets in stock year round! 

    Will there be bundles or promotions for Launch Day?

    Yes! Enjoy free shipping on launch day only and choose from a few bundles combining 90-Day PowerSheets and our best-selling accessories! 

    When can I get started?

    We're so excited for you! Your goal planner will arrive in plenty of time to complete your Prep Work and set your first 90-day goals in June. You'll be ready to start your weekly planning pages on July 1st (or whatever date works best for you!)!

    Any other questions? We'd love to answer them! Just leave a comment below.

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    Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas

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