5 Ways Gratitude Journaling Can Change Your Life

5 Ways Gratitude Journaling Can Change Your Life

by: Kelley Hill

When you first crack open your PowerSheets®, you’re met with a refreshing greeting: “Welcome to a whole new way of doing life!” That’s because, here at Cultivate, we believe in living differently.

You may have heard us say “progress over perfection”—but it doesn’t stop there. We prioritize heart over hustle. Belonging over busyness. Gratitude over the grind.

And, yes, we love goal setting (and making good decisions for our future selves!), but a content life happens when we cultivate gratitude. That means a consistent and guided practice of seeing the good—and naming it across every area of life—is, indeed, life-changing.

You might already have a gratitude routine if you use our Write the Word® Bible Journals or our Daily Planner Notepads. Hopefully you’ve already noticed the positive effects in your life. Still, it’s fun to be reminded of the good things your little-by-little practice is growing!

Here are five ways gratitude journaling can change your life:

  1. You’ll slow down. It’s all too common to race through life, but gratitude journaling helps us stay rooted in the present and reminds us we’re growing good things—even if we can’t see the fruits of our labor yet.
  2. Your happiness will increase. Research shows that savoring, or taking action through thoughts and behaviors to cultivate a focus on positive experiences (like gratitude journaling!), results in increased happiness, positive emotions, and daily satisfaction.
  3. You’ll remember what’s good. On days you’re feeling down, in a gratitude journal, you’ll have page after page of blessings recorded in your own handwriting to lift you up.
  4. Your experience off the page will change. Training your mind to notice the good will change your heart, which will in turn change how you interact with the people around you each day.
  5. You’ll cultivate what matters. Journaling regularly will help you name what’s important to you, and that awareness will help you intentionally fill your life with the people, places, and things that bring you joy.

Whether celebrating the delight found in a happy, small moment or finding the gift in a hard circumstance, gratitude journaling will quickly become a treasured part of your daily rhythms, giving you permission to cherish the good in your life today.


We’d love to hear from you! Do you currently practice gratitude regularly? Tell us your experiences!

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Kelley Hill

Kelley Hill

Kelley Hill


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