Seven Easy Ways to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude

As we approach the holidays, I've noticed the shift in conversations towards gratitude, and it's one of my favorite parts of this season. Why? A content life happens when we cultivate gratitude, and I love being part of the intentional conversations about how far we've come and the things we're thankful for. These conversations and gratitude lists give me energy and momentum to continue to move forward, because gratitude is good for you. Not just mentally, but physically, too!

Today we're sharing seven easy ways to intentionally begin to cultivate gratitude in your own lives. The best part about these? You can start right now, because they are small, tangible steps to get your started today.

Create a marker of gratitude for your home. If you search "Gratitude Craft" on Pinterest, you'll see a plethora of options. Some of my favorites that I've seen are a thankful tree, a blessings jar, a thankful wall, or a gratitude wreath made from clothespins. The best part about these? They aren't elaborate or expensive, and they can be created from items you likely already have in your home. It's a great way to get any children in your home involved, too! Make this a dinnertime discussion, and add something new to your gratitude marker each evening.

Make it a habit. One of my favorite parts of the PowerSheets Tending List is the ability to list our daily goals for your month. If gratitude is something you want to cultivate, add it to your Tending List as a daily reminder!

Speak it out loud to others. Look for opportunities to thank others. It's one thing to think it, and it's another thing to speak it out loud. Thoughts are fleeting, but our words are permanent. A simple "thank you for taking the time to do that" can go a long way in encouraging others.

>Write it down. The power of writing down things I'm grateful for in my Write the Word // Cultivate Gratitude journal cements them in my brain. Not only that, but it's also a tangible place for me to flip back through when I'm in a difficult season. You don't need a fancy journal (though I do love incorporating the Scripture from our WTW journal with a gratitude list). You can start with a notebook you already have lying around!

Put your phone down. Is it just me, or does it seem like this tip could go on every single blog post we write? Eyes up, phone down has been on my PowerSheets for the past few months as a reminder to pay attention to what's in front of me. Instead of scrolling through social media and focusing on what I lack, I'm able to enjoy the people and moments around me. Need some tips on putting your phone down? We recommend having a social media-free weekend!

Watch your words. One of the best pieces of advice I read earlier this year in an article is to only complain when you can offer a solution to the problem. You guys, this has been a game-changer for me. Complaining for complaining's sake ends up being counter-productive, and you end up feeding the negative thoughts. The author gives great examples: Is your internet connection too slow? Make a quick phone call to your provider to get it sorted out. Is traffic on the way to work terrible? Leave earlier or take a different route. Most problems can be easily remedied.

Surround yourself with reminders of gratitude. For me, it's filling my refrigerator and frames with photos of my loved ones. I also love creating playlists for different moods, and my Believe playlist is one of the most-centering playlists I've created. I often listen to it when I need a good soul-reminder. Feel free to give it a listen, too!


I'd love to hear from you! How do you cultivate gratitude in your lives? What else would you add to this list?

PS. If you're looking to purchase a Write the Word journal, take a peek at our holiday sale beginning Tuesday, November 21st. It's a great time to snag a Write the Word for your collection!

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The Cultivate Gift Guide + Holiday Sale

If you're anything like me, your email inbox ends up pretty full during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale week! Retailers are trying to convince you of all the things you NEED to be happy, healthy, and live a FULL life. But here's the thing, we don't actually need many things at all. It's taken me a while, but now I approach holiday sale weeks as an opportunity to steward my finances well and purchase gifts for the people on my list whom I love.

And that was how our team approached planning and preparing the first Cultivate Gift Guide. The first-ever Cultivate Gift Guide is a bit different from your average guide, and we did that on purpose. It’s a curated list of meaningful and useful gifts (starting at $0!) from shops and friends that our team loves and supports–items that are on our personal wish lists or things we love and use each and every day. We've also linked to each of their social media pages so you can follow along to see what sales they'll be offering next week. Our hope is that these gifts help you, and your loved ones, cultivate what matters.

And if you're anything like me, and you're stumped everytime someone asks, "What do you want for Christmas this year?", then the Cultivate Gift Guide might be full of ideas for YOU, too! Me? I've already added that walk in love t-shirt pictured to my list :)


Inside the Cultivate Gift Guide, you’ll also get a preview of what will be on sale in the Cultivate Shop next Tuesday starting at 10 am ET. My personal favorite? The Write the Word journals! It's a great time to stock up on holiday gifts for your loved ones! Best part? No coupon codes or door-busting required. We're kicking our sale off on Tuesday, November 22nd so you can shop ahead of Thanksgiving, and spend the holiday with those you love the most!

I'd love to hear from you: what is the most memorable gift you've ever been given? What is your favorite gift you've ever given to someone? Leave a comment, and let us know! I'll choose one commenter to win a Write the Word // Cultivate Gratitude journal on Tuesday, November 22nd.

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PowerSheets Work, and Here’s Your Proof

Since joining the Cultivate team I've had countless friends ask me, "What's the deal with these PowerSheets you keep talking about? Do you really use them? Do they actually work?" I love answering that question, because it gives me space to vehemently say, "YES! PowerSheets work! But only if you use them!"

I love sharing my PowerSheets journey with so many friends online and in real life, but I also realize that one of the best parts of PowerSheets is they can be used by women looking to cultivate a variety of goals in all seasons of life. What better way to show that than to share the stories of women just like you who are cultivating what matters using PowerSheets.


I started using PowerSheets in June. Last fall was a nightmare as a photographer. I was so behind on editing, and my family was getting the worst part of me. Shift to this year, and I’m caught up on work and enjoying the start of this holiday season energized and peaceful instead of stressed and exhausted. I’ve learned that I cannot do it all, especially during my busy season. With PowerSheets, I’m able to focus on getting the work done, caring for my clients, loving on my family and the extras just have to wait. -Karen S.

This is my third year using PowerSheets and as a woman with ADHD, they help immensely. Not only do I use them as a well-thought out to-do list, but they also remind me of what's most important. I get easily distracted by my phone and social media, but when I take time to remember my Tending List, I think to myself, "No, this is not what's best. This isn't part of your why. Put your phone down. What's your legacy?" PowerSheets have been so powerful for that. My favorite goal this year was to cultivate relationships. I connected and invested intentionally with my friends, my boyfriend, God, my church community, and myself. I have a clearer vision of where I'm going, all because of the goals I laid out in my PowerSheets. In addition to that, I paid off $1,200 of credit card debt in 3 months by using the Tending List, and I lost 20 lbs this year. All because I found a why. - Courtney H.

Using PowerSheets, I was able to take a graphic design class and start to earn my certificate! This required me to bring it up to my manager, get permission for them to cover part of the cost, and then coordinate and prioritize my time between working 4 days a week, school, and my family. In the midst of this, my twins started kindergarten, so my family was in a big transition! We were able to stay more or less grounded, and give each child the attention they needed to push through the transition. I finished my class yesterday and while one assignment's grade is still forthcoming, I rocked it with an A while staying on top of work and family obligations! - Sarah K.

2017 has been a rough year for me (and many others it seems). That being said, I have also experienced tremendous growth this year. After 3 years of seasonal work, I started a full time career, and my PowerSheets have been the constant tool to get me through. They are a place of self-reflection and a daily reminder of what matters to me. I've been able to make huge strides in getting my finances under control and prioritizing healthy living. If I put 'eat more veggies' on my Tending List, I do it. They are a fantastic tool for anyone in any season of life. -Kate S.


2017 is my first year using PowerSheets, and I’ve never felt more fulfilled as I have this year. I may not have accomplished everything perfectly, but 2017 filled my self-care cup up with the help of checking off boxes little by little everyday. Between pictures I’ve wanted to print off for years to reading 52 books this year to being much more consistent with working out, I now feel like I am even a more enjoyable and present wife and mother because I’m not stressing about these things that I don’t think I have time to do. I will sing praise about the PowerSheets any day because they’ve helped me get my life back. -Erin C.

Using PowerSheets this year has helped me really take control of my physical and mental health. I work full-time and am in a part-time MBA program, and I thought I did not have time to exercise, eat healthy or take time for prayer or meditation. Through using PowerSheets, I've found that I can make time for the things that matter, and because I feel more mentally and physically well, I'm able to bring a better version of me to all aspects of my life. -Karen H.

My PowerSheets have allowed me to focus and has seriously helped with my anxiety. I skipped a couple of months in 2017 and without my Tending List to keep me accountable, I found myself more aimless, more anxious, and creating more worries for myself and others. For me, PowerSheets have been an incredible tool for finding a calm in a brain that, left to its own devices, can really spin out and get messy. - Jen M.

The PowerSheets provided a way for me to focus during a major life transition. My husband was retiring from the Air Force and starting a new career in a different state. I needed a way to stay focused on what my real goals were for the end of the year and then to actually make that happen. The PowerSheets initially had a bit of a learning curve for me because there aren't enough lines (which is the point!). I am grateful to see my choices dictated by my goals now. I see progress. I see places where I can give myself grace because something came up. I've learned to have grace with myself, and allow imperfect progress. - Danielle H.

What's your PowerSheets story? Leave us a comment and tell us what PowerSheets have helped you do! No two PowerSheets stories are the same, and we love that! Are you ready to start living on purpose and spending your days cultivating what matters to you? Order your PowerSheets Goal Planner today, and join the Cultivate family!

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Hosting Your Own PowerSheets Party

We love encouraging you to find a PowerSheets buddy (or a few) to keep you accountable in making little by little progress on your goals each month. These people can quickly become your biggest cheerleaders and encouragers for your goals each month! But after you've found your PowerSheets people, you might need some help throwing the best PowerSheets party out there!

You're in luck! We've updated and enhanced our PowerSheets Groups Guide to help you get ready to create the very best PowerSheets Party out there, and we're sharing a few of our getting started tips below!

Start cultivating your 2018 goals now! Remember, it's never too early to start cultivating those 2018 goals! You don't have to wait until January 1st, so plan to meet before starting the Prep Work or in the middle of PowerSheets Prep Week. Not only will it give your group a chance to get to know each other, but you'll be able to dig into the PowerSheets Prep Work together and bounce ideas off of one another.

Decide what type of group you want. Is it professional, personal, or both? Do you want to be surrounded by people in similar life situations as yourself (for instance, all working moms, all entrepreneurs, or all students), or would you prefer to have a more diverse group? Remember, there are no wrong answers here! You can always expand your group if necessary.

Find your people, and be the invitation. Invite friends–both old and new! We all say it: “We should get together sometime.” [Insert month-long pause.] Don’t wait for the invitations to come to you; be the invitation! Use social media to your advantage! Join the PowerSheets Facebook Group to see if there are PowerSheets users nearby. If not, invite friends to join you! We believe our PowerSheets Goal Planner is a great tool, but don't restrict access to only PowerSheets users. You might have a coworker, neighbor, or family member who is interested in goal-setting, and this is the perfect place to invite them to join you, no strings attached!

Provide name tags and an icebreaker at your first get-together. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time, and then forgetting their names! Providing name tags is an easy way to take the pressure off new and old friends to remember so many new faces at once. Incorporating conversation starters or an ice-breaker into mingling time is another great way to get to know new friends! Spend some time going around, introducing yourself, and sharing some of your goals and priorities for the year. Make others feel welcome and comfortable by volunteering to go first!

Have fun! Remember that this is going to be so much fun! Those little victories you have each month? You have a permanent cheerleading squad to celebrate alongside you! Those months where you get distracted or need help focusing? These people are your best friends for encouraging you to focus on the little by little progress. Plan activities, outings, treats, or buddy system to keep things exciting and fun!

Want more tips on using PowerSheets in a group setting to cultivate community? Download one of our three groups guides to start cultivating what matters, right where you are, alongside others!

Don't have your PowerSheets yet? Head over to the Cultivate Shop to grab your One-Year PowerSheets Goal Planner today! Our One-Year Goal Planner is our best value, and we're expected to sell out before the end of the year, so don't delay!


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Goal Action Ideas for Relationship Goals

If we rounded up all the goals set by all the PowerSheets users, I'd venture to guess that cultivating stronger relationships, and specifically stronger relationships with our significant others, would be in the top three. It comes back to that question Lara so wisely steers us toward again and again: where do you want to be when you're 80? Who do you want to be? Who do you want beside you?

Today we're continuing our Goal Action Ideas series with a Relationships edition, supplying you with a bank of ideas for your Tending Lists on that topic. Like all overwhelming things, cultivating a stronger, more joyful marriage or dating relationship is done through embracing little by little progress, and digging in even when things seem messy. I'd love to hear YOUR ideas, so please drop them in the comments!

P.S. We know not everyone is in a relationship right now (and some who aren't might really want to be!). We see you. Happily, many of these goals work for non-romantic relationships, too!


  • Brainstorm TV-free activities to do together
  • Research marriage counseling (not just for "rocky marriages" -- listen to our friend Katelyn!)
  • Get out of the house for a date night
  • Read the same book or article and discuss it together (doesn't have to be marriage-related!)
  • Work through our Goal Guide for Couples
  • Order a yearly photo album or a wedding album, if you haven't done it yet (oops!)
  • Review your finances and set a goal to work toward together
  • Have another couple over for dinner (watching how other couples interact can be so inspiring!)
  • Write out your wedding and marriage story
  • Read one new-to-you book on marriage
  • Create a family mission statement (our goal guide can help you with that!)
  • Look ahead and make a plan for your anniversary
  • Print favorite photos from your life together and display them in your home
  • Write your wills


  • Ask "what's one way I can help you this week?"
  • Set aside one night for an at-home date night
  • Consult your calendars together and make a plan for the week
  • Get outside and do something active together


  • Connect phone-free on a walk
  • Pray with each other
  • Sit down for a meal together
  • Laugh!
  • Show gratitude to each other
  • Pray for each other
  • Act on each other's love language

These are just a few suggestions for items to add to your Tending List each month to make progress on your relationship goals for the year!

We'd love to hear from you: what else would you add to this list?

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