With an ever-growing list of to-dos, we often feel overwhelmed and dispassionate by the tasks on our plate, and disappointed that we're not spending enough time doing the things we love and caring for the people we love. We want to press the reset button! We believe our time can be spent intentionally, and that our to-dos lists can be simplified once we learn how to uncover meaningful goals, and take action on them little by little. In doing this, we learn to celebrate progress, not perfection.

Cultivate What Matters was created to give you the community and encouragement to realize that you can make great things - big or small - happen! Online, you'll gain access to a community of users just like you, education to make your goals come to life, accountability, and plenty of ideas from our team on how to live more meaningfully.


In 2009, our founder, Lara wrote a blog post entitled, "How to Make Things Happen" in an attempt to answer the many emails she received asking, "how do you do it all?" The blog post received a flurry of responses, resonating with hundreds of people. It sparked a movement that Lara turned into the Making Things Happen Intensive, where she led and continues to lead attendees through a series of questions and activities that help them determine what fires them up, and what truly matters to them. Just a few years later, many of the same principles were compiled into the PowerSheets®, a product that has sparked powerful and positive change in thousands of people, becoming the ultimate goal setting planner.

In 2016, after years of getting to know you and your PowerSheets process, we were thrilled to rename our shop and community site Cultivate. To us, it signifies the slow and steady flourishing that comes with constant tending to what's important to you, and it celebrates your individual stories and passions! We can't wait to get to know more about you, what fires you up, and how you take action on what matters.

Our office is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with team members working both locally and remotely.

Want to know more? If you're interested in a collaboration, fill out this form. For product and shop questions, email Kaylee at orders@cultivatewhatmatters.com. To report a technical problem, leave us feedback on this form.

Meet Our Contributors!


Emily is our wordsmith, collector of information, and lover of puns. She is passionate about financial literacy and unusually talented at loading the dishwasher.



Jess is our content manager and chief encourager! She's a lover of exclamation points, and could eat Chipotle for every meal.



Nicole is our art director, resident pug-lover, and science nerd. She loves the color orange and putting together Ikea furniture.



Kaylee is our shop and customer delight manager. She loves the state of Kentucky and Panera mac and cheese, and will never turn down a slice of Funfetti cake!