2018 Goals Round-Up

Can I tell you a secret? One of my favorite parts of my role as Community Manager is coming across your PowerSheets when browsing the PowerSheets hashtag or spending time in the PowerSheets Facebook Group! (Seriously, if you need some encouragement, just head over there!) My particular favorites are reading each of your blog posts about your annual and monthly goals! I love when you share them on social media or in the PowerSheets Facebook group, and we love rounding up some of your goals each month on the blog!

We're kicking off 2018 strong–with a combination of some 2018 goals and January goals below. The best part about the PowerSheets is they can be used by anyone in any season of life. We hope these round-ups give you some inspiration for making progress on your own unique goals this year!

Keep sharing your goals with us! We love knowing what you're working towards, and it helps us plan content that will be most beneficial to you!


Photo by our friend Lindsey

Is cultivating your finances on your 2018 Goals? If so, check out AJ's daily goal! It might be a great one to add to your Tending List!

Thuy and I have an overlapping goal this year to take 100 barre classes, so I'm particularly excited to cheer  her on!

Setting goals can seem pretty easy with the PowerSheets process (if you put in the work), but sometimes the first step is the hardest! Mattie outlined her 2018 goals, and a few initial action steps she's taking to make them happen.

I love reading Diana's goal recaps because she shares openly and honestly about her progress (not perfection!) Check out her December recap, and read her first set of goals for January!


Photo by our friend Levi and Clementine

Reyna's color-coded 2018 goals has my heart singing!

Need a pep talk about why there's nothing magical about January 1st? Head to Chelsey's post to read all about how she approaches her goals!

Starting steps are key to keeping up with momentum and not trying to do everything at once. Check out Kory's starting steps for her six goals!

Lindsay's broader, overarching goals guide her on a path of becoming who she wants to be, and I love how she thought holistically when creating them!

If you've posted your goals somewhere, we'd love to see them! Feel free to drop them in the comments, too-no fancy blog required! We can't wait to take a peek and cheer you on!

Don't have PowerSheets yet, and feeling behind? You're in luck! We have our Six-Month PowerSheets Goal Planner available in three fun colors–Poppy Pink, Teal, and White! These are undated, and they're shipping now, so you can dig in as soon as you get them!

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  1. Nicole C
    Nicole C

    Love reading everyone's posts! I have only so far written about my word of the year. I will have to start writing about my goals on my blog specifically each month! #goals!! :) Putting that on my tending list... hehe!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Cheering you on!! Can't wait to read it when it's ready!

  2. Ryann

    I started a blog to track my goals and Its become a big lifestyle blog (big in my plans for it). I still talk about goal tracking and this week I’m doing a week about health. I’m using Powersheets to help me with my blog. I also plan to do month end posts about my goals and Powersheets as well as some of the things that have helped me from motivational books I’ve read.

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Thanks for sharing, Ryann! Can't wait to cheer you on!

  3. Emilie

    I love being able to check in on my progress each month with my tending list!

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Can't wait to hear what you learn from your three book choices this month!

  4. Amy Morgan
    Amy Morgan

    Best counseling EVER. This is my first year doing power sheets. My friend Jess at has been doing them for a while and encouraged me give it a try. WOW - working through the prep work and coming up with my goals was like going to counseling. I went into the prep work thinking I would have certain goals and came out with much deeper real goals that matter in my life, others, and for the future. I came to the realization that I spent a year consumed by a goal that was good and part of my story but didn't matter as much as the goals I need to focus on. That specific goal, to publish a children's book, is still on my list but at the VERY bottom. Being intentional in my relationships with my husband, children, and family are back at the top where they need to be. God showed me through power sheets that while that goal still matters, I need to put my focus in some other areas first. Thank you for the slow process of digging deep to find the goals that matter. Now my goals aren't because other people are doing it or my personal desires but rooted in where I am and need to be in this season of life. Thank you for the ease of tracking the goals to keep priorities in check. I'm blown away by the truth and power this has already spoken into my life.

    • Jess Metcalf
      Jess Metcalf

      Amy, what a joy it is to hear you say those kind words! We are so grateful for the opportunities to cheer you on as you cultivate what matters! Thanks for letting us join you on this journey!

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