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Habit & Routines Workbook Bundle

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Habit & Routines Workbook Bundle

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This bundle will help you develop consistency with your best habits and routines!

With the Habit Workbook you will…

  • Identify habits that add up to your big-picture goals
  • Choose the right habits for your season
  • Explore tiny, smart changes to your mindset, environment, community, routines, and schedule that add up to big change in your behaviors
With the Routines Workbook you will…
  • Understand why your past routines may have failed—and learn the 4 key qualities of a cultivated routine that succeeds.
  • Identify your most powerful foundational routine for the season you're in.
Watch small actions add up as your habits and routines begin to stick and you cultivate what matters with more ease!
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Customer Reviews

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Exactly What I Need

I have adhd and can never seem to establish and stick to new routines or habits, sometimes bc I just forget and others bc I didn’t have the right tools and no motivation. These look like exactly what I need to determine what’s important and to help stick. I can’t wait to start using them!

Heather DelAnna
Breaking Down Habits

I ordered this to help me create a routine where I have GOOD and HEALTHY habits. So far it is letting me see a step farther than Powersheets prep pages what my current positive and negative habits are. I hope to continue to build more positive habits that will turn into a routine with the help of this workbook, my Powersheets and time.

Leslie Rae Wood
Hip Hip Hooray for this Game Changer!

These workbooks completely changed the way I set my goals for 2024. The step by step approach helped me clarify, breakdown and apply routines and habits to my goals. Perfect companions to my Powersheets and Season by Season planner as I transferred the routines and habits into my monthly tending lists, seasonal planning grids for each goal and my weekly rhythms in both my Powersheets and planner. Love love LOVE these workbooks!