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Mini Daily Habits Notepad | Apricot

Mini Daily Habits Notepad | Apricot

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Mini Daily Habits Notepad | Apricot

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Habits help us cultivate what matters most.

They’re the small steps that add up to our big-picture goals. But changing an old habit, or learning a new one, can be hard.

That’s where habit trackingand your Mini Daily Habits Notepadcomes in! Studies have shown that your brain thrives on the tiny firework of pleasure that is checking a box. Adding a small burst of immediate, positive reward each time you complete a habit (think: checking a tiny box!) is a great way to make your habits stick.

With space to track 7 daily habits and take notes throughout the week, the Mini Daily Habits Notepad packs a punch in a petite size.

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  • Measures 4x6"
  • 50 sheets per pad