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Downloadable Goal Guide Bundle

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You want to finally do something about your bigger goals. You want clarity and simple steps that uncover what matters to you. You want to make progress––little by little. It's time! 

The Downloadable Goal Guide Bundle encourages and equips you to cultivate what matters to YOU! Set and achieve meaningful goals this season with the full Downloadable Goal Guide Collection. This bundle is valued at $90 (on sale for more than 25% off!)!

The Goal Guide Bundle includes:

  • Community Downloadable Goal Guide (30 pages)
  • Couples Downloadable Goal Guide (29 pages)
  • Finance Downloadable Goal Guide (24 pages)
  • Parents Downloadable Goal Guide (29 pages)
  • Wellness Downloadable Goal Guide (35 pages)

What You'll Love

You've loved our printed Goal Guides over the years, and we took them to the next level! Here's what each Downloadable Goal Guide includes: 
  • A proven process that actually works.With each Goal Guide, you will uncover your best goals, create an action plan, and live them out in one central system––your PowerSheets!
  • Unlimited downloads. These downloadable Goal Guides can be printed as often as you'd like for years to come, starting immediately. We recommend completing them quarterly as you make progress and achieve your goals!
  • Bonus teaching video from Lara, introducing each guide and helping you get started with ease and joy!
  • NEW EXCLUSIVE WILDCARD PAGES. Wait till you see these new Wildcard pages for your PowerSheets—they'll help you stay accountable to your goals and make real progress! 
  • Access to resource libraries for each goal, including books, websites, podcasts, experiences, and items vetted by our community.
  • Immediate delivery of your downloadable Goal Guides. Start right away! 

A portion of your purchase supports Zachariah's Acres, a non-profit connecting kids with special needs to the miracles of nature. Thank you for helpinggood things grow!