Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do you still have your NC office in Chapel Hill?

+ As a customer, what changes can I expect with the acquisition?

We will continue providing the products and services you love to help you grow in goal setting and live life intentionally.

+ Is Cultivate Your Year Live still happening?

While we will not be able to arrange Cultivate Your Year Live this year, we do plan on this event returning in 2023.

+ Will PowerSheets be different now?

PowerSheets undergo annual revisions and reviews in order to better serve the customer.

+ Are PowerSheets faith-based?

PowerSheets have always been and will continue to be a worksheet-style goal planner that gives life-changing power to help you set and accomplish your goals. There are no plans to shift this product to a faith-based product.

+ Is Lara still involved with Cultivate?

Lara is still connected and championing the brand toward future success. She is continuing to work with the company behind the scenes. Lara is grateful for this new partnership which will allow her to spend more time cultivating the relationships at home with her children and husband.
Billing & Payment

+ I'm not being charged the right tax amount. Can you help?

Great question! Our system automatically registers the appropriate tax amount based off the shipping address you've provided. While we may not be able to change the tax calculated at checkout, we're happy to look into it for you at!


+ Can I login to see my previous orders?

Great question! Typically, when you head to checkout with your cart, there is a place to log in. If you have an account set up already, you can view a basic overview of some of your previous purchases. For more detailed information, one of our Customer Delight team members would be happy to look into your previous orders for you at


+ Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans! You can see them as you checkout. There will be an option to pay in full or pay in installations. So grateful you want to steward your finances well!


+ How is international shipping calculated?

As always, shipping costs are determined by the weight of products in your cart and the final destination. You only pay for the service of having your items sent based on those details, with no upcharge or fees on our end. We are very grateful for our Cultivators overseas (we recognize there's an extra burden on you!) and are always searching for opportunities to better serve you!

+ Can I change my billing address?

Great question! While we're unable to update your billing information in the interest of security, we're happy to report that it is rarely an issue. Your order should still process like normal! If we see any issues, we'll let you know.


Cultivate Your Year Live

+ Is Cultivate Your Year Live happening this year?

This year we will not be hosting Cultivate Your Year Live. Instead, we are working hard to revamp Goal School Premium with many updated features, resources, classes, private community access, and more. Just like with Cultivate Your Year Live, in Goal School Premium you’ll have access to live events and great teaching this December to help you complete your Prep Work before the New Year—you’ll also receive live masterclasses, premium resources, and exclusive discounts throughout the year, too! 

We can’t wait for you to see the new, improved Goal School Premium when it launches. We know you’ll love it!


+ I want to share about my experience with your products!

So grateful you want to share about your experience with our products! We love seeing how you use our products in your daily life as you make what matters happen. 

Tag us @CultivateWhatMatters and hashtag your photos with #PowerSheets #CultivateWhatMatters #WritetheWord on your favorite social media and you might be featured on ours!

If you have a particular experience or testimonial, we'd love to hear at! 


+ Can I collaborate with y'all?

We're so grateful you thought of us and want to partner together! We'd love to consider a potential partnership, collaboration, product sponsorship, or donation with you. Fill out this form here, and we'll be in touch if it's a good fit!


+ Can I request a donation?

We'd be more than happy to consider a donation to a local nonprofit, ministry, event, or conference. Fill out this form here and we'll reach out if it's a good fit!


+ When should I expect to hear back from your customer service?

Great question! For all of our Customer Delight inquiries, we do our best to get back to our customers within 24- 48 hours or approximately 1-2 business days. Our Customer Delight team works Monday - Friday between 9 am - 5 pm ET, and we love helping our customers with questions, tips, and encouragement!


+ Can I place a wholesale order?

We'd love to discuss this further with you in the inbox at! If it's a good fit, we can put you in touch with one of our team members who can create a custom quote for you for a wholesale order.


+ Can I get a bulk discount?

We have great news! We do offer a bulk discount when you are purchasing 25 or more of the same item from the Cultivate shop.
Email us at with which product(s) you would like, the quantity, and your shipping address. We will discuss bulk pricing with you and put together an invoice for you to submit payment. Once received, we'll get your happy mail on the road!
    We are so thankful to have you in our Cultivate community!

    + I'm having some tech issues. Can you help me?

    We'd first recommend you resetting your password if that's appropriate. If that doesn't work, we would try the following:
    -Refresh your page
    -Try a different browser (i.e Chrome instead of Safari)
    -Search for the site in an incognito browser
    -Perform a hard refresh
    If you continue to have issues, please let us know what browser and device you're using at with a screenshot of what you're seeing!

    + I’m new to Cultivate. Where do I start?

    First of all, welcome to our community! We are so honored to have you here, and we’re going to walk with you every step of the way. 

    Is there something in your life you want to do? Then PowerSheets are for you! The PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner has helped more than 50,000 women all over the world grow new habits, set life-giving routines, and deepen connections with the people they love. If there’s something you want to change in your life or a dream (big or small) you want to pursue, you’re in the right place. You'll love PowerSheets —it’s the most popular and results-backed goal planner, ten years running!

    Are you looking to get into the Bible each day? Then Write the Word journals are for you! Each journal has a theme and contains about 75 unique scripture verse selections that build on that theme. In each two-page spread, you'll have space to write out the day's verses in your own handwriting; to choose a word for the day; and to journal a prayer, what the day's reading is teaching you, thoughts on your day, or whatever else is on your heart.

    Looking for something else? We'd love to recommend a product just for you at!

    Goal School

    + I was gifted a set of PowerSheets. Can I still get access to Goal School?

    Yes, of course! Any user of PowerSheets has access to Goal School. Email us at, and we'll get an account set up for you!


    + How do I get signed up for Goal School?

    Great question! If you purchased a set of PowerSheets, you'll receive an email from us to get your account set up. Sometimes it sneaks in your junk or spam folder, so be sure to check there!

    If you were gifted a set of PowerSheets, we'd love it if you send in an email to us. We'll send you a form to get your account transferred and set up! 

    If you need some extra assistance, email us at and we'll be happy to help! 


    + I can't login to Goal School. Can you help?

    We'd love to help get you logged in! The best place to start is by resetting your password here. Enter this at!
    If you have any further issues, let us know at!

    + Do you still offer downloadable Wildcard pages?

    Yes, if you’d like to download some extra Wildcard pages to print off at home, you can do so in Goal School. Head to and find Wildcard pages on the left-hand side to download for free!


    + What is Goal School?

    Goal School includes all the best PowerSheets resources in one place, including the PowerSheets Prep Work videos, weekly Tending List Tuesday recordings, free Wildcard Page downloads, bonus resources (!!), and more! In this new membership, you'll make progress on your goals and get the most out of the powerful tool you've invested in! Goal School enrollment is included (for free!) with your PowerSheets® purchase. You’ll receive login information just a few hours after making your purchase.


    My Order

    + Can I cancel my order?

    So grateful you asked! Because orders are processed and shipped so quickly from our warehouse, we cannot cancel orders. We'd recommend you double check your cart and verify it's accurate and complete before making your purchase. All sales are final.


    + Do you ship internationally?

    The short answer: yes! We love shipping orders all over the world!
    While we wish international orders were as simple as hopping in a plane and delivering your order ourselves, here’s some more information you might find helpful as you wait for your goodies to arrive outside of the U.S.:
    • Shipping costs are determined by the weight of products in your cart and the final destination. To get a quick rate quote, add your desired items to your cart and input your shipping address to determine your specific international shipping rates.
    • Duties and Taxes: At checkout, our prices do not include the cost for duties and taxes.
    • As soon as your order leaves the warehouse, you’ll receive an email with tracking information for your happy mail.


    + How long does an international order take to arrive?

    Great question! While shipping timeframes can be hard to predict, we'd estimate that your order will arrive at the earliest within 1-8 weeks. You can always reach out to us at if you'd like us to check on your order!


    + My order didn't deliver correctly, and it's returning to sender. What do I do?

    Grateful you reached out and asked! If you discover it before we do, you're welcome to reach out to us at with the correct shipping address. Given that we're a small business, we'll kindly ask you pay for shipping fees to resend this. We'll send you an invoice to confirm the updated shipping address and pay for the shipping fees. We'll then get it shipped out right away to you!

    If we haven't heard from you and we've seen an order returned to us, you'll hear from our lovely friends at the warehouse. They'll reach out asking for these same details, and we'll get you taken care of with a new order right away!


    + I've been tracking my package, and it hasn't moved in several days. What should I do?

    So glad you asked! Typically, most orders will arrive within 4-8 business days. Sometimes, there are delays across the industry from weather to supply chain disruptions to busy holiday seasons. Oftentimes, we recommend giving it a few more days to see if the tracking updates. If it hasn't updated after 8 business days, reach out to us at, and we'll be happy to check on your happy mail!


    + My package says its been delivered, but I don't see it. Can you help?

    We wonder where your happy mail went! Before we move forward with options, let's double-check there wasn't a hiccup in the delivery process. Here are some things you can do:
    1. Check in all the cracks and crevices around your front door (mailbox, back door, garage, etc!)--sometimes those delivery friends get creative!
    2. Touch base with neighbors to ensure the delivery man or woman didn't happen to leave the package at the wrong doorstep.
    3. Check your tracking number with your carrier to see if they can provide you with an updated status.
    4. Finally, wait a few days in case there is a lag between tracking and the actual delivery! 


    If you are unable to track it down after completing those steps, please let us know and we will move forward from there. We'll make sure you get your Cultivate goodies!

    + Can I pickup my order from Cultivate HQ?

    All our orders are shipped directly from our warehouse. While we don't offer pickup from our HQ, we're happy to confirm that our our warehouse team is speedy. They'll ship out your order in no time. 


    + Can I use a discount code on bundles?

    Great question! Any additional discounts will not apply to bundles or PowerSheets. This is because we've already discounted our bundles to make it easy for you to get a great deal!


    + How can I track my package?

    Great question! We'll send you a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order ships out, and you should find a tracking link and number in that confirmation email. Typically, most orders with standard shipping arrive within 4-8 business days during normal business seasons.

    If you need help tracking your package, we'd be happy to look it up for you at! 


    + Can I return or exchange my goodies?

    Great question! At this time, we're a small business, and we aren't equipped to manage and process returns or exchanges. With this in mind, we don't offer returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged. If there is any damage to your order, we'd be happy to investigate this with you and move forward with options at

    Though we don't offer returns or exchanges, we try to delight and surprise our customers in other ways! 


    + When will my order ship?

    Great question! Typically, most orders ship within 4-8 business days. You're going to love your happy mail! 

    + What is the difference between PowerSheets and The Season by Season Daily Planner?

    We’re so glad you asked! The Season by Season Daily Planner is truly just that – a daily planner! By combining big-picture perspective, gentle reminders of what matters most, and meaningful daily planning pages, the Season by Season planner will help you live well in your current season, one day at time. This is different from PowerSheets, which walk you through a three-step process to uncover your goals and break them down into action steps throughout the course of a year (or 90-Days if you are using 90-Day PowerSheets!).

    PowerSheets are filled to the brim with coaching and motivation to focus on making your goals a reality. The Season by Season Daily Planner is outfitted with daily planning pages to schedule your must-dos and want-to-dos. They can be used independently or together based on your needs!

    + What is the difference between One-Year PowerSheets and 90-Day PowerSheets?

    Great question! Our 90-Day PowerSheets combine the proven goal-setting strategies we’ve honed over the last decade in our signature one-year PowerSheets with new, meaningful weekly planning pages. The smaller, book-bound style helps you get clear on a big-picture vision for your life and make a plan for the next 90 days that moves you toward it! We’ll walk you through pages of prep to coach you along the way. And since 90-Day PowerSheets are undated, you can jump in at any time! We can’t wait to see how your little-by-little progress adds up one season at a time!

    + I was gifted a set of PowerSheets. Can I still get access to Goal School?

    Yes, of course! Any user of PowerSheets has access to Goal School. Email us at, and we'll get an account set up for you!


    + Can I see the inside pages of PowerSheets?

    Of course! You can see the goodness inside in the middle of our collection guide here.


    + How do I use PowerSheets?

    We love your question here! The short answer is: dig in! As you open your PowerSheets, you’ll find several pages of prep work. These have prompts to help you reflect on what matters most to you. After your prep work, PowerSheets move into 12 months of goal-setting worksheets that make your goals a reality. Plus, we guide you every step of the way!

    Every PowerSheets purchaser receives access to Goal School, which is our cultivating coaching platform. In Goal School, we have videos, resources, downloads, and more to help you dig in to your PowerSheets with clarity and focus.


    + What are PowerSheets?

    We are so glad you asked! PowerSheets walk you through a three-step proven process to uncover the right life goals and short-term goals, then move into 12 months of goal-setting worksheets to make your goals a reality—and it's all based on research! There's expert goal coaching on every page, too, to keep you motivated and on track.

    Can't wait for you to dive in and cultivate what matters most!


    Write the Word Journals

    + What Bible translation is Write the Word?

    Great question! Write the Word journals are compatible with the Bible translation of your choice (many of our users enjoy looking up and writing out the daily selection from multiple translations!). For the art pages in the journals, we use the NIV translation. If you don't own a Bible, you can try out different translations on
    Have more Write the Word questions? Take a look at the Write the Word Hub!

    + What is _______ Write the Word journal about?

    Great question! We've broken down each journal and its theme in this blog post to help make your decision process a little easier. You can't go wrong with whatever one you choose!


    + How do I choose a Write the Word journal?

    With our growing collection of Write the Word journals, we've gotten this question more and more (which we're so glad!). We've put together a list of suggestions below: 

    • For the mama with a new baby: Contentment, Worship, Confidence
    • For the mama of little ones: Joy, Blank or Choose Your Own, Refresh Your Mind
    • For the mama of teens: Hope, Renewal, Wisdom
    • For the mama of young adults: Contentment, Blank or Choose Your Own, Worship
    • For someone struggling with infertility: Hope, Joy, Renewal
    • For your kiddos' teacher: The Garden, Joy, Wisdom
    • For someone brand-new to her faith: Faith, Confidence, Wisdom
    • For someone diving back into her faith: Renewal, Hope, Faith
    • For the college student: Worship, Confidence, Refresh Your Mind
    • For someone experiencing grief: Hope, Worship, Renewal
    • For someone in a season of transition: Contentment, Joy, Renewal
    • For a prayer warrior: The Garden, Worship, Blank or Choose Your Own
    • For your mother-in-law: Joy, The Garden, Wisdom
    • For your grandmother: Worship, The Garden, Blank or Choose Your Own
    • For someone struggling with her purpose or calling: Hope, Confidence, Wisdom
    • For a newlywed: Joy, Blank or Choose Your Own, Confidence
    • For someone celebrating an anniversary: Joy, Worship, Blank or Choose Your Own
    • For someone who's always pouring out for others: Renewal, Forgiveness, Confidence

    We'd highly recommend reading this 
    blog post for a brief description of each Write the Word journal and its applicable life situations if you'd like to learn more!


    + How long do Write the Word journals last?

    Each journal contains around 75 unique scripture verse selections. If used daily, it lasts a little over 2 months. You can see the exact amount of scripture in your desired volume by taking a look at its listing in the Cultivate Shop!
    Have more Write the Word questions? Take a look at the Write the Word Hub!

    + Why should I write the Word?

    Excellent question! Research has shown that when we write something in our own handwriting, our brain begins storing, connecting, and applying the information in deeper ways than if we had read it. By lingering over a small selection of scripture each day, users have told us they're quicker to recall and apply the wisdom of the Bible in their daily lives!
    Have more Write the Word questions? Take a look at the Write the Word Hub!

    + What is a Write the Word journal?

    Write the Word Journals are a simple way to get into the Bible each day! Each journal has a theme and contains about 75 unique scripture verse selections that build on that theme. In each two-page spread, you'll have space to write out the day's verses in your own handwriting; to choose a word for the day; and to journal a prayer, what the day's reading is teaching you, thoughts on your day, or whatever else is on your heart.
    The journals are undated, so you can complete them at your own pace and start anytime! This blog post will walk you through which volumes are great fits for different seasons.
    Have more Write the Word questions? Take a look at the Write the Word Hub!
    For more about Write the Word journals and to see our best resources, head to the hub!

    Have a question we didn't answer here? We’re happy to help! Head over here so our Customer Delight team can take great care of you!