Contact Bios

Lara Casey

Founder and CEO

Lara is a believer in the impossible and loves helping women make what matters happen. On Instagram: @LaraCasey


Creative Director and Chief of Staff


Community and Content Manager

Jess is our community and content manager! She's a lover of exclamation points, guacamole, and spends her free time scrolling on Zillow. 


Director of Operations

Kaylee is our director of operations. She loves mac and cheese, the state of Kentucky, and is our resident expert of "dad jokes".


Graphic Designer

Casey is our top-knot-rocking and Tex-Mex-loving Designer. Fun fact: she could watch Hallmark movies year-round.


Marketing Director

Amber is our guru of numbers and marketing endeavors. She loves dahlias, zinnias and almost any shade of pink.


Marketing and Content Coordinator