2020—the year of clear vision—hasn't looked like you thought it would. 

Are you ready for some refreshment? 

Join us June 22-26 for coaching and community to get you refreshed for the second half of 2020! 

During your Mid-Year Refresh you will:

1. Learn the 3 simple steps to refresh your life right now! 
2. Get access to the Mid-Year Refresh Worksheetto renew your mind, your focus, and your goals.
3. Watch 3 one-minute coaching videos that will guide you to start fresh right where you are.
4. Have fun 
with surprise mini-workshops and new friends!  

Are you in? Let's do this together!

PowerSheets will help you grow new habits, set life-giving routines, deepen connections, and set goals that help you live these days on purpose. Grab yours today!