PowerSheets Custom Bundle
PowerSheets Custom Bundle
PowerSheets Custom Bundle
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PowerSheets Custom Bundle

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You get to choose! Your choice of 2022 One-Year PowerSheets® Goal Planner, TWO pouches, and FIVE accessories for one low price — how fun is this!?

Your purchase helps plant a garden! Thank you for helping good things grow in local communities.

Five Stars

This is changing my life!

This is a new way to make goals and I will be forever grateful. Learning what is important, making sure those things align with your values and then making goals in a guilt free, doable way is helping me in more ways than I can count!

Kaity W.

What's inside the PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner?

Magic—and a proven process that works.

Prep Work

The first part of the PowerSheets guides you to uncover what matters and (most importantly) what doesn't.


You'll discover what goals and habits to focus on—and feel confident letting go of the rest as you break down your big, yearly goals into small, simple action steps and short-term goals.

Monthly Planning

Pausing to review your progress and looking at what worked and what didn't in the last month with a few simple prompts will help you make better decisions in the future.

Tending List

The Tending List is where you commit to a focus for each month, tracking little-by-little progress on your yearly goals by breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily action steps.

Quarterly Refreshes

Every 90 days, you'll have a chance to check-in on your big-picture goals, set new short-term goals and action steps and get unstuck from what's holding you back.

Goal setting doesn't have to be a slog—in fact, we believe it should be FUN! After all, we're cultivating the things that matter most to us! Your PowerSheets are beautifully designed inside and out, with stickers and bold encouragement to keep you motivated as you pursue what matters most.