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Brain Dump Notepad Bundle

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Brain Dump Notepad Bundle

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Effective plans require intentional preparation! The Brain Dump Notepad Bundle is with you every step of the way, from ideation to execution.

Brainstorm freely using the Brain Dump Notepad. Then turn your ideas into actionable steps using the Break It Down Notepad and Break It Down Mini Notepad. Stay goal-focused on the weekends with the Weekend Goals Notepad, and keep track of all the tasks along the way using the Make It Happen List Pad. Let the Brain Dump Notepad Bundle coach the web of ideas in your head into organized reality!

The Brain Dump Notepad Bundle includes:

  • Brain Dump Notepad
  • Break it Down Notepad
  • Break it Down Mini Notepad
  • Weekend Goals Notepad
  • Make It Happen List Pad
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