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90-Day PowerSheets® Goal Planner

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90-Day PowerSheets® Goal Planner

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With the 90-Day PowerSheets® Goal Planner, you'll set, plan, and track progress towards the goals that matter most—big or small!—over a focused, 90-day window of time. Trade distractions, wasted days, and overwhelm for joyfully building a life you love. Make an intentional plan for each day, and watch your small actions add up! 

With your 90-Day PowerSheets Goal Planner you will…

  • Get clear on a big-picture vision for your life by answering simple, guided questions to uncover your best goals.
  • Make a plan for the next 90 days that moves you toward it (we'll show you how!) through goal-setting worksheets designed to help make your goals a reality.
  • Watch small actions add up as you live each week well. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you'll move forward and want to keep going!
  • Connect with other PowerSheets users through Goal School, our community of like-minded women waiting to welcome you! At Cultivate, we're with you each step of the way.

We love goals because they're the simple, best way to build a life you love. 90-Day PowerSheets combine the proven goal-setting strategies we've honed over the last decade with meaningful weekly planning pages. With your 90-Day PowerSheets Goal Planner in hand, you'll make a plan and then use it to live each day well.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The perfect size!

I have loved using this 90 day leatherette goal planner so far this year. Its the perfect size and feel for me to throw in my bag and use everywhere - home, work, church etc!

90 Day PowerSheets Are Where It’s At!!

I’ve tried the one-year PowerSheets the last three years in a row, and while I love the prep work and overall concept, I always felt overwhelmed by setting goals for the entire year and could never stick with them due to the mental roadblock of a full year.

After using the 90 Day PowerSheets, I no longer feel overwhelmed, I’m making more progress, and I’ve been able to combine my goal-setting, weekly/monthly planning, and morning quiet time (via the numerous note pages!) into one product! I couldn’t ask for a better, more beautiful, or simple system!

Please never stop making these, Cultivate!

Hi Shelby,

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are so very happy to hear you are getting the most out of your 90 Day PowerSheets and new and exciting products are already in the works for 2024. Stay tuned!! We are cheering you on, friend!

Sarah McLain

I am really loving the condensed version, but missing having my entire year in one place. It gets a little weird when I have to toggle between 2 books to keep appointments and plans clear, etc. However, I am really enjoying the weekly pages and overall condensed feel of the 90-day planner. The quality of the pages and feel of the book are unmatched and the powersheets goal-setting system keeps me on target! Any chance you guys are considering putting this concept into a year-long planner in the future?? Would Love to see that!

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear you are enjoying your 90-Day PowerSheets Goal Planner. We do currently offer a 2023 One Year PowerSheets Goal Planner and plans are under way to offer them again for 2024. We hope this will be helpful for all of your future goal planning. We appreciate you, friend!