Gardening 101 | Frequently Asked Questions

Gardening 101 with Lara Casey

How do I know if this class is for me?
Whether you're just getting started or looking for a better way to garden this year, this class is FOR YOU! You'll learn all the gardening basics—this class is perfect for someone who only plants a few pots or someone who has lots of space to garden! Learn more about the class here

I only plant in pots or small containers. Is this class for me?!
Absolutely! In this class, Lara will cover gardening basics—applicable to anyone, whether you plant in pots or have lots of gardening space! 

I'm a notorious plant killer. Is there any hope for me?
Most definitely! Lara went from plant killer to seasoned gardener, and she's learned a lot over the years. In this class, she will share with you what she's learned to save your future plants! Plus, our unofficial tagline for this class is: "No green thumb required!".

I don't live in North Carolina. Is this class relevant to me?
While Lara won't be talking about any specific geography, she will share gardening basics relevant to anyone, anywhere! 

I'm a gardening expert. Is this for me?
If you already consider yourself a gardening expert, this class likely isn't for you. However, if you're missing the "why" behind your gardening—this class will help you uncover that! 

Will Lara share her favorite gardening tools and resources with participants?
Definitely! Those who purchase tickets will receive Lara's Best Gardening Resources List, which hosts a wide-variety of Lara's favorite tools, soil, seeds, plants, and so much more. This list is sure to save you HOURS of research!

I'm a note taker. Where do you recommend I take notes from the class? You're in luck! Those who purchase a ticket will receive a downloadable 15-page Garden Planner Workbook—a $25 value!—a few days before the class. There will be plenty of space for you to take notes throughout the class, PLUS a lot of helpful gardening tips and resources! 

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