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Cultivated Conversation Card Deck

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Cultivated Conversation Card Deck

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GAME ON! 🎉 Yes, we made a GAME! An intentional, fun, life-changing conversation game!

These are not your typical conversation cards. Yes, they'll help you get to know people better. More than that, they're a tool to cultivate your most intentional life - and to help others do the same! Use each card as a springboard for conversation about what matters most to you, what's working and not working in your life, and what's next. Then, be bold and take action on what you discover!

Fun and easy to use, they're perfect for couples, families, friends, teens, small groups, coworkers, and new acquaintances. Includes a colorful Cultivate die and 150 beautiful cards with prompts across six categories: Knowing Yourself, The Past, The Future, Daily Life, What Matters Most, and Just For Fun.

Each of the 150 prompts will help you:

  • Move beyond small talk
  • Strengthen relationships and get to know people on a deeper level
  • Spark interesting and meaningful conversations

LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE—grab a set today! You'll love having these cards on your dining table, kitchen counter, coffee table, or bedside table—at-the-ready for fun and great conversation. Everyone will enjoy these compelling questions you can return to again and again! 

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What You'll Love

  • Compelling questions you can return to again and again
  • Easy to use: just roll the color-coded dice, select a card, and start sharing!
  • Packaged in a colorful, sturdy box and ready to gift
  • Perfect for journaling prompts, too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen Darlington
Great conversations

I recently took this deck to a get together with 4 couples. Our group is always intentional about our conversations when we get together, but this deck helped us take our friendships even deeper. I've also used these cards with our family after dinner. I feel like it is training our children (and us!) to ask better questions and to be more purposeful with each other and with friends. Thank you for developing this tool!

Hi, Karen!

We are so grateful to hear how this tool has been serving you! We agree; the life-giving conversations that can come from these question prompts are super helpful in cultivating deeper relationships with family and friends! Thank you for sharing!

Ekaterina Saenko

We love using our cards while we wait in the restaurants for our food :) Also I used them for my therapy group with adolescents and they loved it!

Love love these ideas and applications, Ekaterina! Thanks for cultivating such intentional conversations everywhere you go.

Jocelyn Knight
Good conversation

I really enjoyed the variety of questions. My housemate and asked each other the same question from every subject and it fostered a fascinating conversation. We often gather with multiple friends for dinner, etc, and wanted something to talk about beyond the “every day”. This definitely does that.

Tia Fletcher
Very Productive & Heart-stirring!

I love the probing questions-- it helps me get to know my loved ones better-- you can never know someone too well!!!💜💜💝❤
Thank you all, Team Cultivate!!!

So grateful for this feedback, Tia!


I set this out on our dinner table last weekend... and our teenage son (who rarely communicates except in grunts) picked it up and wanted to try it! He kept rolling the die and asking questions ... I didn't even mind that he'd gotten pizza fingerprints on the cards.

This is awesome, Kim! What a fun activity to do together that will help you all grow together in meaningful ways.