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Wildcard Page Pack

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Wildcard Page Pack

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When you use Wildcards, you are in total control of your goal-setting journey! Create a customized experience inside your PowerSheets® with pages that speak directly to your season in life. From organization and decluttering to book lists, financial check-ins, and fun lists, the Wildcard Page Pack is full of meaningful worksheets to help you make progress on your unique goals right away.

Wildcards are now printed in a new, slimmer size, perfect for 90-Day PowerSheets and one-year PowerSheets alike!

Inside each pack you will receive:

  • Goals At-A-Glance (4): Easily keep your 2023 goals in front of you. Refresh 4 times a year with your quarterly goals!
  • Perpetual Calendar (1): Track birthdays and anniversaries month-by-month
  • Fun List (4): A blank checklist for a seasonal bucket list or to record favorite memories
  • Organize + Declutter (1): Make a list of spaces to organize and a plan for when
  • What to Read Next (1): For bookworms and casual readers alike
  • Books Read This Year (1): Keep notes on your favorites 
  • Lifegiving Home (1): A simple checklist for household routines
  • Relationship Tending (1): Brainstorm ways to love on your family and friends
  • Financial Check-In (2): Understand your overall assets and liabilities at a glance and stay on track with financial goals
  • Go-To Meals (1): At-a-glance favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
  • Go-To Dinners (1): At-a-glance favorites for the trickiest meal
  • My Daily Rhythms (1): Record your morning and evening routines
  • A Year of Celebration (1): See major holidays and your own unique occasions in one place 
  • Celebrating Wins (1): Record your little-by-little victories
  • My Legacy (1): Simple prompts to start dreaming
  • Weekend Reset (1): Prepare well for the week ahead

Each Wildcard Page Pack includes 25 perfectly-sized Wildcard Pages, pre-printed on high-quality 80lb wood free (won't yellow!), 4.75 x 8 inch paper.

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What You'll Love

Each Wildcard Page Pack includes 24 perfectly-sized Wildcard Pages, pre-printed on high-quality 80lb wood free (won't yellow!), 4.75 x 8 inch paper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I prefer the previous version

I got these as part of the 2023 PowerSheets Starter Bundle. I prefer the old ones - those were printed on nicer quality paper and had the colorful borders. These are more like something I can print at home on my own printer paper. The variety is nice but not really worth paying $12 if you don't get a bundle discount. I get that these are designed for the smaller 90-day journals, but I hope they keep the older version of Wildcards in stock, and package those with the full-sized PowerSheets next time.

Hi Keren,

Thank you for providing feedback on the Wildcard Page Pack. We value your suggestion and will pass this along to our product team to consider as they work on future Wildcard Packs. We appreciate you!

Quality is lacking

I have order wildcard pages in the past. They were made on thicker paper, uniform in size and felt like they were worth the price. I order the new wildcard page pack back in September or October. I just opened them tonight. While I appreciate the size for working with the new season by season planner, the quality has gone down hill a lot. These are printed on ever so slightly heavier weight paper than standard printer paper. My issue is more with the cutting of the pages. I've noticed inconsistencies between the edges of the pages. It looks like people cut these by hand with scissors and did a not so great job of staying on the line OR or misaligned them in those cutters with the big blade they push down to cut. I believe at one time, and maybe it is still available, these wildcard pages were available for free to print yourself. I could have done a better job printing these on my own using high quality paper and using better cutting techniques. I would not recommend purchasing this pack of wildcard pages.

Hi Sara,

We are sorry to hear of this problem with the Wildcard Pages. You can reach out to customer delight team at and they will be happy to replace this for you. We appreciate your feedback!

Ebba Robb
Not the same

The past wildcard pages were larger, better paper, and colored. These should just be free printables. Same quality I could print myself. It’s disappointing. Posted a pic for comparison.

Hi Ebba,

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry you are disappointed with the Wildcard Page Pack. The size adjustment was made so they can be used in both PowerSheets and the Season by Season Planner.

Chanel Floyd
Great to have options

I like the variety in the Wild Card pages - I believe I will use all of them. My only suggestion is to add optional sticky tabs to the back corners to attach to planner. I will use washi tape for now, but I'd like the option to not have the distraction of tape.

Hi, Chanel! We are so glad you are enjoying the Wildcard Pages! Thank you for your suggestion about adding a sticky strip. We will pass this idea along to our product team!

Diana Flanders
Keep on track

I love the wild card pages. I use different ones all the time. I am very much a write it down, keep track type of person. Wildcard pages fit me perfectly.

Hi, Diana! We love hearing how the Wildcard Page Pack is helping you keep track of what matters most! Grateful for you!