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Couples Goal Guide Download

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Couples Goal Guide Download

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You want to get on the same page as your significant other. You want to feel understood. You want to take your connection to the next level.

No matter the stage of your relationship—dating, engaged, married—this fun Goal Guide for Couples will help you uncover goals together and discover what matters to both of you, leading to greater closeness and joy!

You've loved our printed Goal Guides over the years, and we took them to the next level! Your Downloadable Goal Guide includes: 
  • A proven process that actually works. You'll uncover your best relationship goals, create an action plan, and live it out in one central system––your PowerSheets!
  • 29 pages of thoughtful prep work, resources, planning pages, and worksheets. You'll get to know each other even better, communicate clearly, learn each other's love languages, identify where you're going and what's most important to you, talk through challenges and opportunities, and more!
  • Unlimited downloads. This Goal Guide can be printed as often as you'd like for years to come, starting immediately. We recommend completing it quarterly as you make progress and achieve your goals!
  • Bonus teaching video from Lara, introducing the guide and helping you get started with ease and joy!
  • EXCLUSIVE WILDCARD PAGES are included with your Goal Guide! Wait till you see these new Wildcard pages for your PowerSheets—they'll help you stay accountable to your goals and make real progress! 
  • Access to resource libraries including books, websites, podcasts, experiences, and items vetted by our community.
  • Immediate delivery of your downloadable Goal Guide. Start right away!
  • The best is yet to come! Let's do this!
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    I looove this so much. Its helps me to be more intentional in my relationship with my hubby. Buy this, you will not regret

    William Sally Fowler
    Couples Download

    Has been really great at helping re-establish communication

    Katelyn Wilson
    2020 Couple Goals

    After listening to Lara on Jordan Dooley's Podcast I had to come and check out Lara's website! I ran into this Couple's Guide on accident and I am so excited for 2020. We are getting married in January of 2021 so to be able to use this as a tool in our toolbox over the next year is so exciting!! I love how clear the directions are even down to not placing blame on one another. I am very excited to bring this to our dream meeting in January, as well as gift this to some friends who are getting married in June 2020. Thanks so much Lara!!

    Katrina McCarron
    Download disappointment

    Great content, just wish it was an actual hard copy versus a download

    Hi, Katrina!

    We are so grateful that you took the time to provide us with your feedback! Might we suggest printing out your download and placing it in your favorite binder?!

    We are thrilled to have you in our Cultivate community!

    Angela Murphy
    Reconnect with your spouse!

    Loved this goal guide! It really helped spark good conversation between me and my husband. I liked how there were pages for encouraging each other, placed to set goals together, and excellent suggestions for following through. Looking forward to using this regularly!