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Break It Down Notepad

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Break It Down Notepad

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Watch your little by little steps add up to big progress with our Break It Down Notepad! One of your favorite tools, now available in NEW Classic Gray color!

Have some projects in mind and need a place to break them down step by step? Meet your new best friend: the Break It Down Notepad! 

Why should I purchase this notepad? The Break It Down Notepad will help you...

  • Organize your action steps for any project, big or small
  • Work through your PowerSheets
  • Note the steps you want to take to accomplish your goals Prioritize what matters most to help you live with joy and intention
  • 50 sheets of high-quality paper, measuring 5.5 x 8.5

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can move forward and feel energized to keep going with our Break It Down Notepad!

P.S. For more on breaking down your goals of any type, don't miss our Break It Down Guide. Download it here for free!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Tool

Great way to break goals into smaller steps!

So useful

I use this notepad for every goal, project and overwhelming task! Its simplicity makes it easy to just start writing and then getting to checking off each subtask. Love this tool!

Sarah Badat Richardson
Great tool

The best way to make progress on a project is to break it down into the smallest actionable steps. And then I get a checkmark for each thing I do.

Emily Myrick
I love this pad!

Super high quality and a great companion to my Power Sheets, or to use on its own for all my little projects to write out all the steps so I have a plan!

Lorraine Niemczyk
Excellent product !!!!

The Break It Down notepad is perfect for any project or task that has multiple steps - the quality is excellent!!!