Wellness Sticker Pack

It's a sticker kind of summer! 👏

Cultivate your wellness goals and mark what matters this summer with the Wellness Sticker Pack. Use this happy collection of 370+ stickers (!) on your PowerSheets, day planner, journal, or where ever you want to mark what matters and add a little color. Use for gift-giving, PowerSheets decorating, mood-lifting, and celebrating! 

The sure-to-be favorites? The pep talks, workout reminders, and the cutest watermelon stickers that will fit right on your Monthly Tending List! 

You'll love this sticker pack:
  • Includes 4 sheets of stickers—370+ stickers!
  • Printed on sturdy, 250gsm removable sticker paper
  • Includes a bonus motivational print
  • Each sheet measures 5.25x8.25", and fits perfectly in your Accessory Pouch!
Your purchase helps plant a garden. Thank you for helping good things grow in local communities!