Weekly Sticky Notepad

List lovers, rejoice! The NEW Weekly Sticky Notepad is your answer to, "Why can't someone make a notepad that helps me focus on getting the right things done!? Oh, and it needs to be fun, and sticky on the back so I can post my lists where I need them and take them on the go!" We made that notepad!

With a weekly view on one side, a checklist on the other, and a special spot for your top three priorities each week, this notepad is versatile and impactful. Use it for goal action steps, daily to-dos, meal planning, grocery shopping, or for whatever suits your list-making fancy!

Each page is adhesive (like a sticky note!) and sticks perfectly to your PowerSheets or day planner, on your mirror, fridge, desk, or anywhere else you may need it. Plus—it's colorful, fun, and ready to keep you organized throughout the week
  • Vibrant, fun, and designed to keep you prioritized all week long
  • High-quality, thick paper with an adhesive strip on top (like a sticky note!)
  • 60 sheets per pad (more than enough for a full year!)
  • Each page measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches
    Your purchase helps plant a garden! Thank you for helping good things grow in local communities.



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