Color-Coding Marker Set

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Goal setting should be fun.Add color and life to what matters most with this Color-Coding Marker Set!  

But why are you going to love these markers so much?

  • They're the perfect size to fill in your PowerSheets® Tending List progress bars.
  • They match the colors of the flags and dots in the Goal-Setting Sticker Book—you can color code your heart out!
  • They'll add color, personality, and organization to your planner and PowerSheets.

Fun ways to use your Color-Coding Marker Set:

  • Color match your markers to the flags and dots in the Goal-Setting Sticker Book to provide clarity and organization on your Tending List
  • Fill in your Tending List bars with the perfectly sized marker tip
  • Get creative in your PowerSheets—doodle, color, and mark what matters
  • Highlight your goal ideas throughout your Prep Work pages in coordinating colors to easily see common threads

What You'll Love

  • 11 markers color matched to the color-coding flags in your Goal Setting Sticker Book
  • Plastic carrying case (they'll also fit in your Accessory Pouch!)

A portion of your purchase supports Zachariah's Acres, a non-profit connecting kids with special needs to the miracles of nature. Thank you for helping good things grow!