PowerSheets Starter Bundle

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Goal Guide
You want to stop going through the motions.
You need direction.
You don't want to keep getting the same results.
You want to walk to feel refreshed, joy-filled, and purposeful. 

But, HOW?!

All you need to do is bring your desire for change; the PowerSheets Starter Bundle will do the rest! This exclusive bundle has everything you need to get started with PowerSheets® and start cultivating what matters in your own life. Today is the day!

The PowerSheets Starter Bundle includes:
  • Six-Month PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner: Uncover intentional goals and live them out using the proven 3-step PowerSheets process. Set and achieve meaningful goals with ease and joy!
  • Goal Setting Sticker Book: The signature Goal Setting Sticker Book has more than 1,600 stickers to mark what matters and make goal setting FUN!
  • Summer Wildcard Page Pack: This intentional pack of exclusive Wildcard Pages will help you plan your best summer and live it out! These 12 colorful, pre-printed (and perfectly sized!) worksheets will help you customize your PowerSheets® in a snap! 
  • Downloadable Goal Guide of Choice: Focus on one of your big picture goals this season to create real change! Choose your favorite Downloadable Goal Guide: Community, Couples, Finance, Parents, or Wellness.

Your purchase helps plant a garden! Thank you for helping good things grow in local communities.