The Cultivate Gift Guide + Holiday Sale

If you're anything like me, your email inbox ends up pretty full during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale week! Retailers are trying to convince you of all the things you NEED to be happy, healthy, and live a FULL life. But here's the thing, we don't actually need many things at all. It's taken me a while, but now I approach holiday sale weeks as an opportunity to steward my finances well and purchase gifts for the people on my list whom I love.

And that was how our team approached planning and preparing the first Cultivate Gift Guide. The first-ever Cultivate Gift Guide is a bit different from your average guide, and we did that on purpose. It’s a curated list of meaningful and useful gifts (starting at $0!) from shops and friends that our team loves and supports–items that are on our personal wish lists or things we love and use each and every day. We've also linked to each of their social media pages so you can follow along to see what sales they'll be offering next week. Our hope is that these gifts help you, and your loved ones, cultivate what matters.

And if you're anything like me, and you're stumped everytime someone asks, "What do you want for Christmas this year?", then the Cultivate Gift Guide might be full of ideas for YOU, too! Me? I've already added that walk in love t-shirt pictured to my list :)


Inside the Cultivate Gift Guide, you’ll also get a preview of what will be on sale in the Cultivate Shop next Tuesday starting at 10 am ET. My personal favorite? The Write the Word journals! It's a great time to stock up on holiday gifts for your loved ones! Best part? No coupon codes or door-busting required. We're kicking our sale off on Tuesday, November 22nd so you can shop ahead of Thanksgiving, and spend the holiday with those you love the most!

I'd love to hear from you: what is the most memorable gift you've ever been given? What is your favorite gift you've ever given to someone? Leave a comment, and let us know! I'll choose one commenter to win a Write the Word // Cultivate Gratitude journal on Tuesday, November 22nd.

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2018 PowerSheets are HERE

Where are you right now?

Maybe you're lying in bed, having pressed your snooze button for the third time this morning.

Maybe you're already sitting at your computer desk, surrounded by piles of paperwork and a growing to-do list.

Maybe you're sitting on the living room floor, surrounded by a week's worth of laundry that needs to be folded.

Wherever you are, I'd venture to say you've wondered to yourself, "There has to be something more than this."

We've all been there.

What if it could be different? What would you think if I told you there was a different path?

A path in which you spent your days cultivating what matters most in your life, from the exact spot you're sitting.

It's not about doing more or being more. It's not about striving for perfect, or having it all together. It's about growing the right things. It's about growing what you've been given right where you are. It's about growing what lasts longer than you. That's what matters. And we want to help you get there.

We created the PowerSheets Goal Planner to help women uncover purpose-filled goals and do something about them.


PowerSheets are perfect for women in every stage of life, every role, and every season. PowerSheets work, and you're going to feel the impact right away if you're faithful to the process. PowerSheets will help you prioritize with confidence, giving you more time for what's truly important in your life.

Because at the end of the day, isn't time what you need most?

Less time spent scrolling and comparing. More time spent walking in your unique path.

Less time saying "yes" without thinking about boundaries. More time spent with the people who you love.

The PowerSheets Goal Planner is more than just a planner; it's a life system that works, and thousands of women across the world have accomplished goals with their PowerSheets using our three-part system:

  • PowerSheets Prep Work: the first 35 pages help you uncover your unique goals and what matters most to you
  • Intentional Action Plans: step-by-step action plan pages for each of your goals with S.M.A.R.T. starting steps
  • Monthly Tending Pages: Tending pages to help you live our your goals and actions plans each month!



  • NEW! Goal Refresh and Month In Review pages
  • Expanded Goal Action Plan Pages
  • Simpler design
  • 12-month dated monthly workbook with January 2018 start month
  • 188 pages of inspiring quotes and worksheets (12 more than 2017 // 21 additional full-color pages)
  • 2 pages of colorful stickers
  • Inside pages measure 7 x 10 inches, overall goal planner measures 9 x 10 inches
  • Sturdy, yet flexible spiral binding and full-color tabs
  • Water-resistant, flexible cover with rounded corners
  • Free bonus materials, including a "Word of the Year" card, encouragement postcard, and inspirational desk card
  • Worksheets include the Goal Action Ideas, Monthly/Weekly/Daily Tending Lists, Relationship Tending, Cultivating Gratitude, Big Dreams page for big ideas, What Fires Me Up, Things I Want to Learn/Things I Learned, and more!
  • Wildcard sections to download and personalize your PowerSheets Goal Planner
  • Includes exclusive access to the exclusive Cultivate What Matters community and PowerSheets Facebook Group


Our 2018 PowerSheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is a year-long, goal-planning system that can be yours for $55. It's by far our best value, and once we sell out, we're sold out until we launch 2019 PowerSheets. If you are reading this right now, the One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is the one for you. It includes a year's worth of goal planning and tending and built-in accountability.

Now through Friday, October 27th, use the code FREESHIP for free domestic shipping when you spend more than $100 in the Cultivate Shop. Pair your One-Year PowerSheets Goal Planner with our PowerSheets Accessories Bundle to take advantage of the promotion.

One of my 2017 PowerSheets goals is to make wise financial decisions, and while I've made so much progress, I still have a long way to go (which is good because we still have 2.5 months left in 2017!). On that note, I want to ask you a question that's been convicting me recently when it comes to my finances.

When is the last time you spent $100? Me? I bought a red dress and a sweater on Poshmark. Are they lovely? Absolutely. Will they help me cultivate good goals and live a life of purpose and intention? Nope.

Hear me out: there is nothing wrong with spending money on things like clothing or home decor or date nights. But like all things in life, priorities are important. In budgeting, you have to tell your money where you want it to go, or it will go wherever it wants to go (And Dave Ramsey fans out there?). And I firmly believe the same is true for your time.

2018 PowerSheets are an investment in yourself and your dreams, and in turn, an investment in your relationship with those who matter most to you. Setting good goals “cultivated goals" can have a ripple effect on your family, your children, your friend, your coworkers. You have the potential to impact your life, right where you are, starting today.

Maybe you're happy where you are right now, or maybe you're already feeling overwhelmed about starting fresh and you're scared. Let us remind you that peonies grow through the dirt, and so do we. Little by little progress takes time, but it adds up. Lara and the Cultivate Team are going to walk you through every step of the process from your Prep Work to setting your goals to checking in on your Tending List each week. You are not doing this alone.

Will you join us? Order your 2018 PowerSheets One-Year Goal Planner today.

Still have questions? We're here to answer them! Head to our FAQ page and join our FREE live class today at Noon ET for an inside look at how PowerSheets work. If you can't join live, a free replay will be available.

One final note: you don't have to have PowerSheets to cultivate what matters in your life. Yes, we created beautiful and intentional products, but at the end of the day, we know our sales numbers aren't important. Our heart of hearts is that today serves as a turning point in your unique life. That October 25th, 2017 will forever be the day you made the decision to stop following others' paths and start cultivating your unique purpose whether you have PowerSheets in your hands or not.

Oh, and welcome to the Cultivate family, friend! We are so grateful to be on this journey with you!

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Your PowerSheets Questions Answered

Since we revealed the 2018 PowerSheets covers yesterday (watch the replay below!), we've been seeing lots of excitement and emojis (keep them coming!) and fielding a few questions, too. Read below for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about 2018 PowerSheets! Don't see your question? Leave a comment, and we'll answer it!

What are PowerSheets?

PowerSheets are the ultimate goal planner, unlike anything else. We created PowerSheets to help you uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps to make what matters happen. Perfect for anyone - moms, students, creatives, entrepreneurs - who needs a grace-filled system that works! There are two core components to PowerSheets: the Prep Work and monthly Tending sections. The PowerSheets Prep Work is designed to help you examine what has and hasn't worked for you and uncover focal goals for the year. Each monthly Tending section helps you prioritize your goals and break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily action steps so you make progress!

What is the difference between the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Goal Planner and the One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner?

Our One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner includes the PowerSheets Prep Work and twelve monthly Tending sections. It is designed to be used from January 2018 to December 2018. Our Six-Month Dated PowerSheets Goal Planners are undated and can be started anytime. They include the PowerSheets Prep Work and six monthly Tending sections. Our One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner has one cover option. Our Six-Month Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner is available in three cover options. Feel free to scroll back to the top of the page to see them!

You said dated? Does that mean there's a calendar?

PowerSheets are your day planner's best friend. Intentionally designed without calendar pages - PowerSheets help you to help you uncover your good goals and what's important to you before adding to-dos to your day planner. To see how we integrate our PowerSheets with a day planner, check out How to Create a Cultivated Calendar with Lara Casey and Emily Ley! If you'd like an option to add a monthly calendar, you can use one of our wildcard pages and print your own!

How much are they?

We're thrilled that although we added twenty additional pages to our 2018 PowerSheets Goal Planners, our prices are staying the same! The One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner is $55, and the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Goal Planner is $40.

Why aren't there preorders?

We are so excited to launch our 2018 PowerSheets Collection on October 25th and begin shipping immediately! All our 2018 products are in our warehouse in North Carolina, and our shipping team has been working extra hard to prepare for orders. We'll begin shipping immediately, getting your products in your hands as quickly as possible.

When will you sell out?

As much as we wish we could give you an answer, we can't predict or guarantee inventory quantities. We've done our best to make decisions based on projected growth and a few other factors, and we hope to have our 2018 Collection in stock long enough for friends who haven't heard about us yet to get their hands on a goal planner. If you're reading this, our best advice is to be prepared to purchase during Launch Week!

Will you be restocking One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner when you sell out?

We will not be restocking our One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner. When these sell out, they are gone until we launch our 2019 collection. If you would like to use a One-Year Goal Planner, we recommend purchasing immediately!

What about the Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Goal Planner?

That's a great question! We aren't sure. We operate as a debt-free company, and we'll make that decision based on a few factors as we get closer. Right now, our hope is that we ordered enough inventory to last for our previous PowerSheets users and the new ones in the Cultivate family!

Do you offer digital downloads?

We don't offer digital downloads of our PowerSheets at this time. We believe there is power and accountability in writing down your goals and tracking your progress! If PowerSheets aren't in your budget, stay tuned to Lara's Goal-Setting Giveaway on her blog. She walks you through her entire PowerSheets process in December, and you can follow along with a journal or notebook.

Why is there only one cover option for the One-Year Dated PowerSheets Goal Planner?

It's more economical for us to order one cover option for the One-Year PowerSheets Goal Planner because it's dated and more time-sensitive than our undated options. And, we just love the rainbow leaves on this one so much! Your PowerSheets Goal Planner will be open most of the time, so while the covers are important and lovely, we know what matters most are the inside pages, and we've added 21 full-color pages in the 2018 PowerSheets! If you'd still like some color variety, feel free to order two Six-Month Undated Goal Planners.

When can I learn more?

Sign up for our newsletter list, and keep your eyes on our little blog! Join us on Instagram and Facebook for more sneak peeks and information from our entire team. You can also follow Lara on her personal Instagram, where she'll be sharing much more information in the coming weeks!, and you'll see our three littlest PowerSheets friends :)

Will there be any promotions for launch week?

We're so glad you asked! All domestic orders over $100 placed between October 25 and 27th will receive free domestic shipping! We'll also be adding an Accessories Bundle to our shop. You'll receive more information about this in our Product Guide coming on October 18th, so sign up for our newsletter!

When do PowerSheets go on sale?

Our 2018 PowerSheets Collection launches in our shop on Wednesday, October 25th at 10am EST.

We are so grateful for your support about our 2018 Collection! Our hope is to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision ahead of Launch Day! If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to leave a comment!

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We’re Hiring an Art Director!

Friends, we have some exciting news and some bittersweet news at the same time!

After seven years with our team, our incredible Art Director Nicole will be moving on to new adventures in the new year. She started working with us as an intern while she was in college, and this is the only job she's had since then. This is bittersweet for all of us! She is simply ready for a new adventure, and we're so excited to cheer her on in the months ahead. Nicole is one of the most creative and dynamic people we have ever met, and she has impacted thousands of women over the course of her time with our team. While we are so, so sad to have to say farewell to her this coming December, we're excited for her next chapter and can't wait to meet the person who will join our team in her role!

To step into Nicole's shoes, we are looking for another incredibly creative, skilled, and dynamic individual to join our team. What better way to describe the person we're looking for than letting Nicole tell you herself. Take it away, Nicole:

Spending my days in our office with my amazing teammates is no easy thing to say goodbye to, but it makes me beyond excited to meet the person who will take my place. This job has given me the opportunity to work on some dream projects, meet the most talented and kind people, and be a part of a workplace family that is supportive, and challenges me to be my best self. I can't wait for someone else to be a part of this!

Each day in this position is a workout for your head and your heart. I believe that doing this job best means balancing the needs of our customers with the logistics and tactics of our growing company and project list. It means approaching design with both intuition and strategy, seeing each assignment as an opportunity to reach a new person and tell a new story. We spend a lot of time in our office talking about our core values of enthusiasm, integrity, the power of one, and global view. These are values that dictate our work on every level. Our greatest hope for our new team member is that he or she is impassioned to advocate for the needs of our customers and for the integrity of our brand message; is empowered to translate this vision into every part of our brand, from Instagram gifs to product development to photo shoots; and determined to keep improving.

As the Art Director, you'll be expected to dive into company projects with an immediate vision, able to deliver assets under fast-paced deadlines. Our design decisions tend to strike our audience as fun, happy, and casual, but the Art Director should be able to balance our accessible deliverables with the nuances of our brand mission and greater marketing strategy. You'll be expected to learn the expectations and desires of our audience in order to best communicate with them. Additionally, our Art Director must be capable of independent work and decision-making. He or she needs to be able to self-edit, and to clearly communicate why he or she made the decisions that they made.

Think you're the right person for the job? Read through this post and the application thoroughly for specific qualifications and job responsibilities you'll have. Attention to detail is part of the application 🙏‚


  • 3-5+ years of experience in print and digital design
  • Fluent in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • Experienced in print production
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Must be able to work in our Chapel Hill, NC office in 2018. (We are open to remote positions for our most qualified candidates—must be willing to travel to our office several times a year.)
  • Must be able to commit to 4-5 interviews (including at least one in-person interview)

The person most fit for this position:

  • Has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • Has a love for great branding, and can build out appropriate interpretations of our brand assets for visual diversity and interest
  • Has experience with digital marketing/marketing strategy
  • Approaches product creation with user-focused design, and balances design with marketing tactics and production techniques
  • Has a strong knowledge of our brand and heart for our mission
  • Approaches design both intuitively and tactfully and sees each assignment as highly customizable

Of course, we're also looking for a team member who is well-spoken, has a great grasp of grammar, is a creative problem-solver, is self-motivated to learn, enjoys goal-setting, is enthusiastic, energetic, and a team player!

Tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Physical product design (namely the PowerSheets and Write the Word journals)
  • Digital product design (e-books, opt-ins, and guides)
  • Managing production and import of overseas product
  • Styling and shooting product imagery
  • Editing product photography
  • Project management (including hiring contractors, delegating tasks and disseminating information, and managing deadlines)
  • Creating internal marketing assets like media kits and one-sheets
  • Creating graphics for our blogs, shops, social feeds, and video content
  • Creating web assets and managing web development projects
  • Ad design and client interfacing
  • Basic videography
  • Editing CSS and HTML for basic web pages and newsletters

To apply, fill out our application, and have these items ready to upload:

  • Your PDF resume
  • Your portfolio, if it's not online
  • A one-sheet PDF you have designed about yourself. Feel free to include anything you think is relevant, but be sure to include answers to the following questions. Get creative and showoff your skills!
    • Your name and any nicknames you go by.
    • What fires you up?
    • What is your greatest strength?
    • Tell us a fun fact about yourself (or a few!)
    • What are your professional goals?

Applications are due November 3. We hope to hire someone and begin training in mid November—we're open to discussing an official start date or relocation timeline soon after that! This is a tight timeline, and we would so appreciate this amazing community's help in finding the right person! If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, PLEASE send them our way!

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PowerSheets Party – October

Happy October, friends! This is the most exciting month of the whole year for the Cultivate team because our 2018 PowerSheets go on sale on October 25th!

It's the start of the month, and as usual, the Cultivate team is excited to share our PowerSheets Prep with you! On the final Friday of each month, the team hops on Instagram stories to share our personal PowerSheets prep with each of you! Join us in sharing your prep work each month using the hashtag #PowerSheets on social media so our team can cheer you on and encourage you as you cultivate what matters.

Don't have PowerSheets? That's okay! Save the date for October 25th to grab your very first goal-planning workbook!

Share your October goals in the comments below! We'd love to read about what you have planned for the month!


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