Meet Jordan, our Marketing and Content Coordinator!

It was so much fun introducing Ashlea yesterday! She's been around for three months and already feels like she's been here for ages, and we knew our Cultivate family would welcome her with open arms. But there's more celebrating to be had!

Meet Jordan, our new Marketing and Content Coordinator! I must admit, I breathed a sigh of relief after hiring Jordan, with whom I work closely, knowing I would be out of the office for two weeks for my wedding and honeymoon in April. Not only did she knock our Summer Launch out of the park while I was away, but she's continued to serve our team incredibly well over the past month (all while planning her own wedding and getting married, too!).

Jordan has an ease and warmth that can quickly steady anybody or any situation, and you are going to love getting to know her. She has a heart for serving women, an eagerness to jump in and try any new task, and sends the best GIFs! The main reason I'm excited about Jordan's job? Her gifts and passions are going to help us reach more women through our content, helping them to think big picture, live purposeful lives, and cultivate what matters–right where they are!

Keep reading to get to know Jordan. We're lucky to have her serving our team and this community alongside us each and every day!


What's your title? Marketing and Content Coordinator

What have you been doing since March? Goodness, so much has happened since March! In just the first few weeks of being on the team, I attended my very first Making Things Happen Conference and went to our Team Summit, where I got to meet all of the team in person. We spent a few days planning and dreaming for the rest of 2018 and our 2019 PowerSheets launch! I also attended our summer product photo shoot, and in between I’ve been soaking up all there is to learn and writing content. Plus, I was planning a wedding—I just got married in May!

What else will you be doing in the coming months? Over the next few months, I will be working alongside Jess and our new Marketing Director (I can’t wait for you to meet her!) to bring you all more great content! For me, that means doing a whole lot of writing and sharing more behind-the-scenes on Instagram stories. Also, I’m looking forward to Making Things Happen Conference this fall and my very first PowerSheets launch as a team member!


Tell us how you joined the team in a few sentences: Knowing I was getting married and would be relocating soon, I was looking for jobs in the area. My aunt, an avid PowerSheets user and Cultivate follower, saw that CWM was hiring (before I did!), and she encouraged me to apply!  I sent in my application, and after several interviews, found myself on my way to Chapel Hill to join the team. It all happened so fast, but I am so grateful!

Hometown and where you live now: I’m from Leesburg, Virginia. I currently live in Durham, North Carolina!

Birthday: February 14


Something others might not know about you: I’m a golfer! I grew up playing golf with my dad and grandparents all the time, which was so special. Then I played golf for my college, and now, I enjoy playing with my husband!

Favorite part of being on the team: Without a doubt my favorite part of being on this team is working with these amazing ladies! It is such a privilege to work with such encouraging and hardworking women—they love what they do, they do it well, and they are so talented! It’s a joy to come to work every day and spend time with and learn from them.

Favorite Cultivate Shop product: Just one favorite? That's the hardest question in this interview! Besides PowerSheets (because of course those are a favorite) I would have to say it's a toss-up between any Write the Word Journal and our Encouragement Postcards! I love to spend time in the Word each day with my Write the Word journal (and they make very meaningful gifts!), and I'm a huge fan of snail mail so I love sending postcards to make someone's day!

Friends, please help us give Jordan a big CWM welcome in the comments below! You can also say hi and get to know her on Instagram!

Photos by Gina Zeidler and Traci Huffman.

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Meet Ashlea, our Customer Delight and Conference Manager!

Our core values aren't things we teach or train on, they're just a part of who we are. They're the most important thing we look for when hiring, because they are the guiding force in our organization. We've been showing you sneak peeks at our two newest ladies on social media for the last few weeks, and we're thrilled to formally introduce them over the next two days! We're equally thrilled they both embody our core values to a tee :)

Friends, meet Ashlea, our Customer Delight and Conference Manager! If you've emailed over the past few months or signed up for our Making Things Happen Conference, there's a good chance you've met Ashlea (maybe without even realizing it!). Ashlea joined our team in early March, dove right into attending her very first Making Things Happen Conference soon after, and has been a rockstar since then. Not only is she incredibly dedicated, but she consistently brings our team back to our why and what matters most to us, and we've found that invaluable!

She's also had a big few months personally–celebrating a birthday and an engagement all in one week! We're not ones to shy away from celebrations, so we loved having the chance to shower her with well-wishes and congratulations!

Keep reading to get to know Ashlea–I can say with complete confidence you are going to come to adore her joyful spirit as much as we all have over these past three months!


You'll get to meet the lady on the left tomorrow :)

What's your title? Customer Delight and Conference Manager

What have you been doing since March? So much! My role is unique and gives me the opportunity to serve on both our Operations and Marketing Pods. Since starting, I've attended my first Making Things Happen Conference, learned our Cultivate company history at our Team Summit, experienced my first summer product photo shoot, learned how to delight our customers, and worked alongside our team to develop new ways to help women live more purposeful lives. It's hard to believe how much I've been able to put my hands to in only three months! Little by little progress adds up, y'all!

View More:

What else will you be doing in the coming months? The next few months will be busy for all of us but so much fun! One of my top priorities is working alongside our conference director, Kristin Winchester, to plan our fall Making Things Happen Conference in September. Our team likes to think of Making Things Happen as doing PowerSheets in person and there is nothing else like it. I'm so excited to meet all of the conference attendees in a few short months! Oh, and just in case you missed it, our 2019 PowerSheets launch in October! Get ready y'all–they're going to blow you away! I'll be preparing to serve our Cultivate community well during our PowerSheets launch by consistently delighting our customers.

Tell us how you joined the team in a few sentences: Prior to joining the Cultivate team, I was working in D.C. as a lawyer in a regulatory affairs department. After almost two years, I was ready for a big life change. My sister called me at the end of December to tell me she saw an opening at CWM, so I decided to take a huge leap of faith and apply. I actually wrote, "Change jobs - leave my current position and start a new position at Cultivate What Matters in March" as one of the goals in my PowerSheets! (Really!) Deciding to make the switch from the legal field to Cultivate wasn't something I took lightly, but the small step of writing out that goal in my PowerSheets changed something for me. If you're feeling stuck where you are, know that you're not! Sometimes all you have to do is take that first step!


Hometown and where you live now: I'm from Fayetteville, NC and I'm currently living in Chapel Hill, NC.

Birthday: May 30

Something others might not know about you: I have a love for British television. My absolute favorite show is Call the Midwife.

Favorite part of being on the team: Working alongside such smart, passionate, and driven women that I get to call not only my team members but also my friends. In the short time I've been a member of this team, they've prayed for me, encouraged me, cheered me on, and, just recently, celebrated me as I walk into a new season of engagement! It's a joy to come to the office each day and work with these women on our shared goal of helping this incredible community of women cultivate what matters!

Favorite Cultivate Shop product: I obviously love the PowerSheets because learning to set intentional goals has been life-changing for me! But, our Write the Word for Kids Bible Journal is also a favorite of mine. Planting seeds of faith in children at an early age is something that is personally important to me. It brings me so much joy to see kiddos actively engaged in scripture and learning about God's love!

Friends, please help us give Ashlea a big CWM welcome in the comments below! She's been such a delight to our team over the past few months, and we know you are going to love her just as much as we do! You can also say hi and get to know her on Instagram! We'll be introducing you to our other new team member tomorrow!

Photos by Gina Zeidler and Rachel Coffey.

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Welcome to the family!

Our family is growing and we couldn't be more excited to welcome you with open arms!

We are a team of women committed to providing encouragement, community, and practical tools to help you–yes, you!–make what matters happen in your own life.

Whether you're digging into your very first PowerSheets Goal Planner, saw your name on the Cultivate Goal Getter Board during Mid-Years Prep Week, or you're joining us from the Southern Weddings family, we couldn't be more thrilled to have you here!




What exactly is a Cultivator?

A cultivator uncovers her own unique goal and path. Instead of looking to other people’s goals or social media feeds to define her own, she puts in the hard work of uncovering a path that fires her up.

A cultivator embraces little by little progress. She doesn’t believe in quick fixes or overnight results, but she knows it’s okay to grow slow.

A cultivator gets her hands dirty and takes action. Waiting for perfection might sound like a good idea, but she knows it’s worth it to dig in right now instead of waiting for the perfect timing or circumstances.

A cultivator examines where she is in order to leap to what’s next. Instead of ignoring what isn’t working, she takes the time to evaluate everything–both the good and the bad–to uncover the path forward.

A cultivator creates a long-term vision and gets after it. She refuses to keep going through the motions, doing the same things she’s always done. Instead, she steps forward into a new path.

A cultivator sets out on a purposeful path by uncovering cultivated goals. She’s tired of wandering aimlessly, with no goal, and she embraces her path with excitement and enthusiasm.

A cultivator finds joy in the journey instead of placing all her value in the finish line. She knows there is much to be learned in the in-between.

A cultivator doesn’t just embrace imperfect progress; she celebrates it. She’s tired of abandoning ship at the first bump in the road, and she knows that the best things in life grow slowly.

A cultivator believes in community. She shares her goals, encouraging others along the way, instead of trying to do it all alone.


Sound like you? Ready to dive in and start cultivating what matters? We sure hope so! Here are six ways to get started, right where you are!

Wherever you are and wherever you are headed, thank you for allowing us to walk this journey alongside you. We are grateful for a spot in your life, and for the opportunity to cheer you on as you cultivate what matters!
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Join us at the 2019 PowerSheets Photo Shoot

We created the PowerSheets to help women in all seasons of life uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps to cultivate what matters, right where they are. They are not exclusively for mothers or business owners; they can be used by anyone who needs a grace-filled system that works!

As we prep for our 2019 PowerSheets Launch later this fall, we want to continue to tell YOUR stories through our PowerSheets imagery, and we need your help!

We're looking for a diverse group of women–all ages and all seasons of life–who aren't afraid of being in front of the camera to join us for our 2019 PowerSheets photo shoot on July 17 and 18th in Chapel Hill, NC. You don't have to be a PowerSheets user to join us, though our hope is you will be by the time the shoot is over!

To apply, please fill out this form! There's no need for professional photos–we just want to see your smile!

Feel a little shy in front of the camera? We'd still love for you to join us! We're looking for a few women to join us on site and be an extra pair of helping hands. (Bonus points if you find immense joy in steaming wrinkles out of clothes!) Tell us more about yourself here!

We promise it’s going to be a blast, and we can't wait to hear from you!

P.S. When we say we're looking for diverse women of all ages, we mean it! Our demographic stretches from 20 to 60, and we would love to hear from YOU!

Please note that you must be 18 or older to apply, and we are not able to compensate for travel/participation.

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Recommended Reading: What We’re Reading to Cultivate Our Goals

One of the many benefits of joining the Cultivate Team is our Reading Library! Every month, we have a book allowance to put towards a physical, digital, or audiobook of our choice to help us grow individually and as a team! We keep a running list of our current reads in Asana for team members to see, but after seeing the excitement from the Cultivate Book Club launch last week, we wanted to share some of our favorite reads with our fellow book lovers!

Not only are we sharing books, but we're also sharing which PowerSheets goal corresponds with our book choices!



A recommendation from Emily Thomas, Creative Director and Chief of Staff

The Tech-Wise Familyby Andy Crouch

Goal: Enjoy our family of three (before it becomes a family of four!)

A recommendation from Casey Marchbanks, Designer

Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst

Goal: Keep the first thing FIRST, and cultivate my relationship with the Lord by keeping my eyes fixed on Him.

A recommendation from Jess Thore, Community and Content Manager

The Path Between Us by Susanna Stabile

Goal: Love Logan well in this new season

A recommendation from Marissa Kloess, Partnerships and PR Manager

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus by Karen Ehman

Goal: Start each day with Him.

A recommendation from Kristin Winchester, Conference Director

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

Goal: Intentionally take care of myself through activities I love (reading!)

A recommendation from Lara Casey Isaacson, Founder

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Goal: Re-creation: Take care of myself so I can care for others well.

A recommendation from Kaylee Hobbs, Operations Director

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Goal: Use my creative gifts well.

A recommendation from our newest team member :)

A Lineage of Graceby Francine Rivers

Goal: Embrace God's calling for my life and spend more time in the Word

A recommendation from our newest team member :)

Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher

Goal: Live life to the absolute fullest right where I am by intentionally doing the things that bring me joy.


Of course, we couldn't make a list of our favorite summer reads to help you cultivate what matters without mentioning Lara's two books: Make It Happen and CultivateIf you want to add both of these to your summer reading list, be sure to snag the book bundle to save a few dollars!

Want to cultivate a love for reading but don't know where to start? Check out our tips to enjoy reading and join our Cultivate Book Club! We're reading a chapter a week all summer long, and it's going to be the easiest book club you've ever done. Both of these are great places to start!

Now it's your turn! Share any book recommendations you have below! I'd also love to hear if they correspond with any PowerSheets goal you set for the year!

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