What is the difference between PowerSheets and The Season by Season Daily Planner?

We’re so glad you asked! The Season by Season Daily Planner is truly just that – a daily planner! By combining big-picture perspective, gentle reminders of what matters most, and meaningful daily planning pages, the Season by Season planner will help you live well in your current season, one day at time. This is different from PowerSheets, which walk you through a three-step process to uncover your goals and break them down into action steps throughout the course of a year (or 90-Days if you are using 90-Day PowerSheets!).

PowerSheets are filled to the brim with coaching and motivation to focus on making your goals a reality. The Season by Season Daily Planner is outfitted with daily planning pages to schedule your must-dos and want-to-dos. They can be used independently or together based on your needs!

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