How do I choose a Write the Word journal?

With our growing collection of Write the Word journals, we've gotten this question more and more (which we're so glad!). We've put together a list of suggestions below: 

  • For the mama with a new baby: Contentment, Worship, Confidence
  • For the mama of little ones: Joy, Blank or Choose Your Own, Refresh Your Mind
  • For the mama of teens: Hope, Renewal, Wisdom
  • For the mama of young adults: Contentment, Blank or Choose Your Own, Worship
  • For someone struggling with infertility: Hope, Joy, Renewal
  • For your kiddos' teacher: The Garden, Joy, Wisdom
  • For someone brand-new to her faith: Faith, Confidence, Wisdom
  • For someone diving back into her faith: Renewal, Hope, Faith
  • For the college student: Worship, Confidence, Refresh Your Mind
  • For someone experiencing grief: Hope, Worship, Renewal
  • For someone in a season of transition: Contentment, Joy, Renewal
  • For a prayer warrior: The Garden, Worship, Blank or Choose Your Own
  • For your mother-in-law: Joy, The Garden, Wisdom
  • For your grandmother: Worship, The Garden, Blank or Choose Your Own
  • For someone struggling with her purpose or calling: Hope, Confidence, Wisdom
  • For a newlywed: Joy, Blank or Choose Your Own, Confidence
  • For someone celebrating an anniversary: Joy, Worship, Blank or Choose Your Own
  • For someone who's always pouring out for others: Renewal, Forgiveness, Confidence

We'd highly recommend reading this 
blog post for a brief description of each Write the Word journal and its applicable life situations if you'd like to learn more!


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