Tips for Tending

Our Tending List was designed to help you simplify your life and break down big goals into actionable items! We've compiled our best tips for tending below, after years of working with the Tending List. We hope they're helpful for you!

  1. Use this Tending List to fit your life. It works for business, personal, or a mix of goals!
  2. Flip through your yearly goals before filling out your Tending List each month. Chip away at a few of them by adding some of your Action Plan ideas to your Tending List each month.
  3. Add items from your calendar and important to-dos to your Tending List. Examples: Host a neighborhood dinner party or finish a project well.
  4. Tending is about progress, not perfection. New this year is a progress bar for monthly goals! Fill in the progress bar little by little. Imperfect progress adds up!
  5. You don't need to fill in every line. Some months, I only have two daily goals, and some months, I fill in every slot!
  6. Daily goals should be simple habits you want to cultivate during the month. Examples: encourage someone, stretch before bed, pray.
  7. Make your Tending List items specific and connected to what matters. Example: Instead of “work out,” try “get outside and get moving three times per week for thirty minutes because it will help give me more energy!”
  8. I rarely finish a month with all the boxes checked off—sometimes, goals change or things don’t get done. The goal isn’t a perfectly checked-off list; the goal is meaningful, little by little progress. The little by little adds up.
  9. Put your Tending List somewhere you will see it all day. Either keep this page open on your desk or take your Tending List out and tape it somewhere. When I get distracted or feel idle, I look at my Tending List, and am reminded where to put my focus.

Want more tips for PowerSheets? Watch our PowerSheets Prep Webinar here!

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Lara’s Action Plan Worksheets

Ready for more examples of action plan worksheets? Whether you're filling out your PowerSheets for business goals, personal goals, or a mix of both, we hope these examples help guide you in the process.

A Business Goal:



A Personal Goal:



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How to Have a Social-Media Free Weekend

One of the questions we ask in PowerSheets Prep Work and the Seasonal Goal Refresh Pages is "What Are You Saying No To?" When you start to think through the big picture, it's helpful to make a list of what's NOT in that big picture. We often see social media or mindless scrolling as your answers, and it's one reason our team has become huge advocates for Social Media-Free Weekends.

What is a Social Media-Free Weekend? Social Media-Free Weekend is a weekend where you completely remove yourself from social media. Does that stress you out already? Don't worry! We're giving you practical tips on how to build up to going social media-free for a whole weekend!


Take the first step. If an entire weekend without social media seems overwhelming, take the first step. Turn off the phone notifications and emails for all your social media apps. Choose one time to check in each day, and being to limit your consumption before diving into a full weekend.

Go social media-free for one day. Once you've started to wean yourself on consistently scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, go social media-free for one day. Choose a weekend day, turn your phone off, and see what happens.

Buy an alarm clock. Our phones have become one of the first things we touch in the morning because we often use them for alarms, making it easy to roll over and start mindlessly scrolling through social media or emails. Remove the temptation by buying an alarm clock! You can find some of our favorites here, here, and here!


Move the apps to a folder, or delete the apps completely. Move your social media apps to a folder on your phone called "Social Media-Free Weekend." If that's still tempting, delete all your apps from your phone for the weekend to keep you accessing them.

Fill your downtime. It will be a lot easier to go social media-free if you fill your day with plans! Take a walk, browse the farmer's market, schedule a brunch date with an old friend, or head to the library to check out a book. The possibilities are endless, and you'll be less tempted to spend time on social media when you have other activities to look forward to!

Tell people what you are doing, and ask for accountability. Challenge friends and family to join you. It will be a lot easier to have a social-media free weekend if your significant other, friends, roommates or family are joining you. A level of accountability will help you stay on track!

Social media isn't a bad thing when it is used purposefully, and eliminating yourselves from social media entirely isn't always an option. Use social media and your times of connectivity on purpose. Write out a mission statement for how and why you will use them well. Post that mission statement to your computer or desk where you will see it often. If you find yourself mindlessly using social media again, check your motive and get back to cultivating what matters in your life!

Have you gone social media-free for a day or weekend? If so, tell us what you learned! If not, what is holding you back? Try adding it to your PowerSheets Monthly Tending List, and let us know how it goes!

Goals can be overwhelming if they aren't connected to what matters. PowerSheets are intentional goal workbooks that help you live with intention and purpose. They were designed to help you cultivate what matters most, little by little, with some big leaps along the way. Order your 2017 PowerSheets to discover your big picture, and begin to take action on making it happen in your own life. Today is the very best day to begin!

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Bailey’s PowerSheets – Fall Goal Refresh

One of our favorite part in the PowerSheets is our Goal Refresh section every three months that allows you to either recommit to your initial goals or redefine them! Goals change, and that's okay! This is about grace-filled goal-setting. Grab your set of 2017 PowerSheets today! 

Our goal for this community is to create a safe place for PowerSheets users to share their intentional goal-setting journeys. We're excited to share a PowerSheets Goal Refresh update from our contributor, Bailey Robert. If you haven't yet, be sure to read Bailey's introduction here. Thank you for sharing, Bailey! - Jess

Fall, glorious fall. It may not quite feel like fall down in Texas, but let me tell you I’m ready for it. After living in the Pacific Northwest for a while, I know what fall looks like. The bright reds and yellows, the crisp leave crunching under foot (some as big as your face!), coffee shop corners with cinnamon or pumpkin everything, slowing down before ramping up for the holidays. Fall is one of my favorites.


I’ve also been looking forward to the fall refresh for QUITE some time! The end of summer brought a new job in a new city, a crazy quick turn-around as I launched into my first year of teaching. To be honest, I’ve been in survival mode, and I’m ready to THRIVE instead.

When I look back, survival mode was allowed to happen because I lost my focus. I let my priorities fall to the wayside, and my goals got packed away. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s so so true.

But now that I’ve unpacked my apartment and made it through the first eight weeks of school, I’m finding a new routine. My PowerSheets have a new home on a cookbook stand on the bar that separates my living room and kitchen. I have to walk past them every day on my way out the door, and it’s such a great reminder.


My fall goal refresh for the last stretch of 2016:

  1. Get in the Word daily + pray with purpose.
  2. Celebrate others well!
  3. Cultivate contentment + simplify.
  4. Fulfill all teaching duties with JOY.
  5. Create life-giving habits.
  6. Continue 52 books in 52 weeks.
  7. Become more financially responsible.
  8. Savor singleness during festivities.
  9. Prioritize self care + create boundaries.
  10. Choose joy.

Some of these are pretty broad, but it’s on my monthly tending list that I make them more specific, and the action steps change every month and every week. Some of these have also carried over in every refresh since the beginning of the year. For example, it was my goal to read 52 books in 52 weeks, and I’m on book #49! Every month I add “Read 5+ books” to my tending list. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t, but I add that goal without fail.


The fall/winter also holds several weddings and holiday celebrations, and I want to celebrate others with joy and generous giving while also tending to the tender places of my heart. Relationships are changing and transitions have happened, so this season is going to look different than last year and the year before, but I cannot wait to see what is actually in store!

What are you making happen in these next few months, friends? How are YOU going to finish the year strong?

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Explore Lara’s PowerSheets

One of the most helpful ways we've found to set goals that are based on all the priorities you've uncovered during PowerSheet Prep is to simply review! Once you finish with your PowerSheets Prep Work, flip back through everything you've written. Circle, highlight, sticker, or mark anything that stands out to you.

Are there themes or words that keep coming up, page after page? Do you see any threads that bind your priorities or challenges together? Review them and use those threads as inspiration for your 2017 goals!

Below, take a look at some of Lara's prep work.

PowerSheets Prep 1

PowerSheets Prep 2

PowerSheets Prep 3

PowerSheets Prep 4

PowerSheets Prep 5

PowerSheets Prep 6

PowerSheets Prep 7


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