My Word of the Year – Kinsey Roberts

We're excited to introduce the next edition of "My Word of the Year" featuring Kinsey Roberts! Read below about how Kinsey is implementing FOCUS into her life this year and how she's making what matters happen.

Tell us what fires you up:

My husband Derek and two boys, Liam and Landon fire me up like nothing else in this life. I'm also fired up by spending time with my brothers and our family because we spend 98% of the time belly laughing which is so good for my heart. These things give me the courage to pursue the other things that fire me up like Vista View Events which is my new wedding venue on our family ranch, taking pictures for my stock shop, writing a book, history and marketing! (Yes, history and marketing fire me up. #NerdAlert)

What do you value the most?

I value my sweet family (seriously, I can't believe they're mine), love, tradition, honesty, integrity and a sense of humor.

If you could envision your most fulfilling year yet, what would it look like?

I hope this is ok to say, but, my most fulfilling year yet looks like not confining myself to one version of fulfillment. My "Purposeful Year" statement in my PowerSheets is more like a living document in the sense that I update it, cross things off and add new ideas/hopes/dreams throughout the year. I spent a lot of my early 20s seeking one version of 'fulfillment' in what I thought should make me feel great about myself and my life. What I've learned is that A LOT of things make me feel fulfilled and that's OK. My life doesn't look the same as anyone else's and while I have goals, a schedule and desires like most people, I no longer wrap my sense of self-worth or joy around what I 'accomplished' in that year. All that is to say, my most fulfilling year looks like me loving on my people, taking chances, exploring everything I'm interested in and pivoting when I need to.

VIsta View Events_PowerSheets 1

What is your word for this year?


How have you implemented FOCUS into your life so far this year?

I chose the word FOCUS this year to remind myself to be fully present in whatever task I'm doing in the moment. I'm interested in so many things right now and I'm so over being fearful of what people will think of me if I try something new. For me, my word of the year does not just apply to business or to my personal life. It is for both. I want to focus 100% on my family when we're together and I want to focus 100% on building Vista View Events or my other businesses when I'm in business mode. I also want to focus on my hobbies when I'm in that mode. I've implemented this word so far this year by creating work hours and off hours. I'm not at point yet where hiring childcare makes sense for me so in order for me to have fully focused work time, I have to work when my kids are sleeping (in the early morning hours and the evening). The hours may sound crummy but to be honest, it has been AMAZING! I feel zero guilt about not doing anything during the day because I'm FOCUSING on my kids and my life as a wife and mom. Last year I would tell myself, "Oh, I'm not an evening person so I can't work at that time or I'll be too tired." Or, I'd say, "Getting up at 4am is crazy, I don't know why anyone would do that, I just can't." Well this year I've completely changed my attitude thanks to my Word of the Year. I CAN work in the evening, I CAN get up at 4AM and I CAN FOCUS on what is important to me in life and in business and achieve goals that I have defined as important to ME. I make time for myself, for my family and for my work and they all get 100% of my attention when I'm there. Does it look perfect? Absolutely not - and that's fine with me.

What are you saying yes to this year?

This year I'm saying YES to: Honestand respectful communication with my husband, Derek. A lot of time hugging and playing outside with my little boys. Absolutely killing it with Vista View Events (MY definition of 'killing it!') :) Cultivating new friendships on and offline and just LIVING. Oh, I'm also saying yes to coffee, which will probably never be on the 'no' list!

VIsta View Events_PowerSheets 2

And, what are you saying no to this year?

I'm saying no to: Fear, analysis paralysis, meaningless relationships and judgement.

Where do you want to be when you're 80?

When I'm 80, I want to be sitting on our porch, still on our family ranch, surrounded by our children and grandchildren. I want to be proud of the legacy that Derek and I have built and will pass on to our kids. I want to still be a fan of belly laughing, long walks on the ranch and reading. And to be perfectly honest, I still want to be rocking a full face of makeup when I'm 80 because that's how I roll.

Thank you so much for sharing, Kinsey! We're cheering you on as you chase FOCUS this year!

Follow Kinsey:

@vistaviewevents  •  @stockshopgirl
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Bailey’s PowerSheets: May’s Progress

Our goal for this community is to create a safe place for PowerSheets users to share their intentional goal-setting journeys. We're excited to share a May PowerSheets progress update from our contributor, Bailey Robert. If you haven't yet, be sure to read Bailey's introduction here and first contributor post here. Thank you, Bailey! - Laura

May was a big month in my world, and it flipped my schedule and rhythm topsy turvy. I graduated from graduate school with a MA in Theatre (insert praise hands emoji here!) and I moved back to Texas. Well, partially. I'm staying with my parents while I hunt for teaching jobs and save up for the summer, then once I know where I'm going we'll pack my apartment and truck it to the right place. I have to admit daydreaming about a new apartment has been all sorts of distracting, but there would be no new apartment if I didn't get things in gear with my goals. So back to the basics we go!

Bailey_PowerSheets 5

I find that I thrive in routine, and it should come as no surprise that my PowerSheets help lead the way. But this month my routine has been thrown out the window with the move and the lack of a class schedule, and some things have not gone as planned. Even so, I returned to my Tending List and the Cultivate Gratitude pages for May, chanting progress not perfection over and over and over again.

The Cultivate Gratitude section keeps things in perspective, and I'm immensely grateful for that on its own! Filling in the little flowerbeds of thankfulness reminds me of small victories and memories made that may or may not have been included on my Tending List.

My favorites this month include:

  • Seeing a new play in Dallas with a friend from college.
  • Graduating from graduate school!
  • Celebrating my little sister's college graduation/engagement.
  • Completing 30 days of my 100 Illustrated Days challenge (so far).
  • Reading good books, new and old. (A Severe Mercy + The Selection)
  • Visiting friends in Austin.

A couple of these were on my goals list for the month, but many of them happened by surprise. These are also great reminders of what fires me up, and they give me ideas for what to add to my Tending List next month. I mentioned that my little sister got engaged, so you know Maid of Honor duties will have their share of the page. ;)

Bailey_PowerSheets 4

Another thing I've learned in three years of using the PowerSheets is that it's important to include major milestones and upcoming events in the Monthly Goals section of my tending list. They are (almost always) guaranteed to be checked off, and they remind me what I'm looking forward to most!

Number one this month? Graduate from graduate school! That one received a big ol' check mark - and I don't know how many more times I can/will mention it in this post. ;) Number two? Move back to Texas. These were major game changers in my schedule and season, and thanks to them several of my goals had to be adjusted or set aside.

Some of my usual goals found their place in the Monthly or Weekly spaces, and some found success while others floundered:

  • Read 5+ books. I've read 10!
  • Continue The Contentment Challenge. Ehhhh... this month has been rough.
  • Write for Illustrated Faith + PowerSheets blog. You're reading the answer to this goal!
  • Complete my teaching certification. Progress? Yes! Completion? Not yet.

Bailey_PowerSheets 6

Again, it's about progress not perfection here. It's also about being real with yourself about what your month will hold or has held as you assess your progress. I knew the move and the end of school would throw a monkey wrench into my routine, which means I knew early on that this month would get a lot of grace to cover the goals left unchecked.

No matter what your May held, and whether or not you have one box left unchecked or twenty, remember to give yourself grace and cultivate gratitude. Fill in your gratitude page and celebrate what DID happen this month and which people left their mark. This month I was all kind of grateful for blogging friends who encouraged me during the transition and surprised me with sweet notes in the mail to celebrate graduation.

As we look forward to the summer months, I repeat: PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. Set goals and make what matters happen, but sometimes what matters is setting the to-do list aside and being with your people. Give yourself grace when that happens. The goals will still be there when you get back.

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My Word of the Year – Gina Fornito

We're excited to introduce the next edition of "My Word of the Year" featuring Gina Fornito! Read below about how Gina's implementing DEVOTION into her life this year and how she's making what matters happen.

Tell us who you are and what fires you up:
Hi y’all! I’m Gina and I’m the gal behind the brand, Gina Bean. I am a lover of God, coffee and paper goods. I have an incredible family and amazing friends and I love my job in the creative field. I also work part time for Best Friends For Frosting and it's an absolute dream!

What fires me up:

  • Loving on others
  • God’s grace
  • Coffee dates
  • Helping others
  • Creating
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • The Bible
  • Writing

What do you value the most?

  • God’s will and love for us
  • My family and friends
  • Loving on others

If you could envision your most fulfilling year yet, what would it look like?
My most fulfilling year yet would be full of praising God for his glory and sharing His works with others. I would be helping people be their best selves in whatever way made them happy. I would be living God’s word. I want to live on purpose, to have a life full of love and worship and people. I want to do what matters according to our God.

What is your word for this year? 

How have you implemented DEVOTION into your life so far this year?
My word for this year is DEVOTION. This is because I need more time devoted to God and His word. I want to make what matters happen through devotion, even in my darkest hours. This season is for learning how to be myself and following through with my goals. This means being devoted to God, my work and my family as well as myself. I want to continue to be devoted for years to come. I often ask myself, “Is this something I am passionate about?” or “Do I want to be here/doing this when I am 80?” It helps me decide if what I am devoting myself to is important or not.

What are you saying yes to this year?

  • Living on purpose
  • Loving others
  • Time with God
  • Working hard
  • God’s word
  • Progress not perfection
  • Grace
  • God’s will
  • Writing what’s on my heart
  • Writing to others
  • Exercising

And, what are you saying no to this year?

  • Anxiety
  • Excuses
  • Depression
  • Negativity
  • Control
  • Self pity
  • Wasted time

Where do you want to be when you're 80?
When I’m eighty I want to look back and have lived out God’s word, loved on people immensely and worked hard to encourage others. I want to have laughed from my belly and built a life I was proud of. I hope to have spread God’s word in the best way possible and shed light on His graces.

Where can we find you online?  •  @ginabeandesign

Thank you for sharing, Gina! We're cheering you on as you chase devotion this year!

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Our Favorite Things – May

Hi, friends!

The LC Team is excited to share the May edition of "Our Favorite Things" where we share our favorite things that are helping us cultivate joy, make progress on our goals and create more purpose in our days. We'd love for you to share what "things" are helping you in your PowerSheets progress, too! Share your ideas in a comment below!

  1. Our PowerSheets, of course! Working through our PowerSheets at the start of each month allows us to celebrate the progress we've made in the month before, set clear goals, and focus on specific relationship tending.
  2. Publix Herb Garlic Salmon with Irish Cheese Potato Cakes Recipe. "We love Publix and their easy recipes that help me work toward my goal of cooking at home more!" - Marissa
  3. For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker. Helping Kristin with her goals of Education and Growth.
  4. Blessed is She email devotionals. "These devotionals help my prioritize my relationship with the Lord by spending time with Him in prayer and the Word daily." - Lisa
  5. Journaling Bible. "This covers two of my goals—the practice of creating and using my creative skills weekly and also more time to spend growing in my faith." - Amber
  6. G2 Retractable pens in extra fine point. "While it's taken me a while to get used to making a mess in my PowerSheets, one thing I'm pretty particular about is that the pen I use doesn't bleed through to the other page. I love the Extra Fine point G2 Retractable Gel Pens for PowerSheets Prep and updating my lists." - Jess
  7. Emily Ley's Simplified Planner. "Helps me tend to my goal of investing in marriage by easily allowing me to scheduling date nights with KPW!" - Kristin
  8. Noisli. "What I listen to when I do my PowerSheets each month. My favorite combo is fire + nighttime + rustling leaves." - Nicole
  9. Fiddle Leaf Fig. "I'm proud to say I've kept this fiddle leaf fig plant alive for a year! I keep it right near my workspace and the bit of nature and freshness makes me happy while I work." - Laura
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Meet Our Contributors – Meghan Coleman

The LC Team is so excited to introduce our next PowerSheets Community Blog Contributor - Meghan Coleman! Over the next several months, Meghan will share openly about her PowerSheets journey. We hope that you'll be encouraged by her progress over perfection, and can take away some of her tips for making the PowerSheets work best for her. We are excited for this community to get a glimpse into these PowerSheets users' lives and how they're making what matters happen. Get to know a little bit about Meghan below and stay tuned for her first contributor post in the coming weeks! 

What's your story in a few sentences?

I’m a wife to John, mama to Grace and Henry, a believer, a perpetual dreamer, lifelong learner and recovering perfectionist who loves love and all things gold. I just recently (read: last year) started fully embracing who I am and living life on purpose. I spend my days with my littles, wrapping up my Master’s degree, and slowly, but surely launching a hand lettering business, jules + henry. I love creating and spreading joy through my letters.

What's your favorite color?

I will always gravitate toward shades of blue (navy and mint blue/teal are my ultimate favorites). Though, admittedly, I am totally digging pops of coral this spring.

What fires you up about spring?

Bright morning sunshine, fresh flowers (especially from the farmer’s market!) and lots of outdoor time with my family.

PowerSheets_Coleman Family

How long have you used the PowerSheets and how have they helped you in the past?

This is my third set of PowerSheets. The first two times I used PowerSheets, it became more of an outlet for me to process and understand some big life changes happening, start getting clear on what I really wanted, and truly start laying the foundation I needed to open up my heart in following my passions. Just writing everything down was immensely helpful.

This year has been all about dreaming big and setting small, achievable goals to help me along. It’s been about intentional living and giving myself grace if goals change or I don’t fill on line (or page!) in during any given month.

What is your favorite part of the PowerSheets?

I love, love, love the practicing gratitude part; establishing a regular gratitude practice has been transformative for me. I also love the three-month refresh section. The prompts were so great this spring in helping me track progress, re-evaluate goals and recharge for the new season ahead. Also, the stickers. Oh my, the stickers. Can I just say I love it ALL?!


Tell us about one of your goals for the year. 

Growing my business. I never saw entrepreneur in my dreams for myself, but now, I am SO excited to just dig in and give it a go. I’m both nervous AND excited and I know that’s exactly the right place to be right now. This last year has really taught me that beautiful things really do happen when you keep your heart open and follow your passions.

What is your favorite PowerSheets sticker? 

All of the gold foil stickers are my favorites. Gold is basically one of my love languages.

As a contributor, what encouragement can you give to our PowerSheets community?

Dream big, work hard, love big, and be yourself. You CAN do hard things. AND it’s absolutely okay to get messy with your PowerSheets! The best thing that could’ve happened to mine was my two littles getting a hold of them unexpectedly and scribbling on many of the pages. Just that little bit of imperfection was all I needed to allow myself to follow suit.


What's your word for 2016?

The word I chose for 2016 is GROW. 2015 was such a pivotal year in my life with the birth of my son and deciding to change course in my career in favor of spending more time at home with my family. Those were two huge changes, so I gave myself plenty of grace just to settle into my new roles. 2016 is all about flourishing. For me, grow means coming into my own in my roles as wife and mama and entrepreneur. It also means that I love myself wholly, am growing in my faith, and am building connections and community with others around me.

Anything else our community should know about you? 

I’m a Minnesota girl through and through (born and raised and no, the cold isn’t actually that bad!). I’m also a total hugger and I’m left-handed. Three random, fun facts that basically sum up who I am.

Thank you so much, Meghan! We can't wait to hear more about your PowerSheets journey!

Follow Meghan at:  •  @julesandhenry  •  @mlcoleman

Photography: Sally Gruman of Gruman Photography


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